MPS Scholarships

The Math Performance Success (MPS) Program award scholarships to students who meet the scholarship criteria. This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding students enrolled in our Math Success Programs who have successfully overcome their individual adversities and pursued their higher education dreams.

Please check back in May 2022 for information on the 2021-2022 MPS Scholarship 

2020-2021 MPS Scholarship Recipients

  • Topaz Tjernberg
  • Sheila Rosas
  • Carl Vizcarra

2019-2020 MPS Scholarship Recipients

  • Enrique Samaguey
  • Kaufusi Tuitavake
  • Christian Reyes Aviña

2018-2019 MPS Scholarship Recipients

  • Dinh Kha Tu Tran
  • Abigael Smith
  • Eden Shaked
  • Rebecca Collins
  • Marvin Stewart
  • Yaneth Gutierrez

2017-2018 MPS Scholarship Recipients

  • Adan Perez
  • Zoe Blankenship
  • Perla Patricia Fierro
  • Aonjhne Duplessis
  • Hirais Heredia

2016-2017 MPS Scholarship Recipients

  • Jacqueline Ceja
  • Carolina Martinez
  • Salma Gelle
  • Karen Coronado
  • Scott Sanchez
  • Marvin Stewart
  • Yvette Jones
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