The Math Performance Success (MPS) Program had been awarded $1.9 Million for the Innovation for Higher Education from the California Chancellor's Office. Funds will be used to expand the MPS STEM pathway which will increase the share of student finishing pre-calculus series (Math 41, 42, 43).

Students are now eligible to enroll directly into a transfer-level math course (Math 10Math 11Math 44, or Math 46), thanks to changes in state law and a new policy at De Anza College. If you are planning to self-place in transfer-level math, we recommend the MPS Program (For Math 41 enrollment, please visit the PSME division office).

Award-Winning Success Rates

Nearly everyone who enters the program successfully meets their goal. MPS provides the necessary support for all students to succeed.

For more data on MPS success rates and evaluation read the Hanover evaluation study 2015

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