FAQs and Answers

Q: Will my transcript have a notation stating that I took an MPS course?

No. There is no special MPS notation on the transcript. MPS and non-MPS math courses are listed the same as each other on the transcript. 

Q: Will the units for an MPS Math class transfer to Universities of California (UCs), California State Universities (CSUs), or private universities?

Yes. All units from MPS classes are transferable to UCs/CSUs. The only exception is Math 114 Intermediate Algebra because this is a nontransferable course. In most cases, units from MPS classes are transferable to private universities. However, please double-check with the private universities that you are interested in transferring to.

Q: Are the MPS counselors "real" counselors like in General Counseling?

Yes. MPS counselors can help you choose classes, create an educational plan, find resources on campus, explore career options, and more!

Q: Are MPS students required to attend math tutoring after class?

No. The MPS program provides tutoring support outside of MPS classes to help students succeed. Students are not required but highly encouraged to utilize the tutoring services offered by the program. In certain cases when MPS instructors and counselors believe that a student can benefit from tutoring, they may require the student to attend MPS tutoring services.

Q: What are the next steps after I registered for an MPS class?

None. Once you're registered in an MPS Math class, you're considered an MPS student and are eligible to receive all MPS support services. Former MPS students are eligible to receive MPS Counseling services for their entire time at De Anza. 

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