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Academic advising-related resources provided below include:

NOTE: The information and resources provided below are aimed at ERM&P2 majors. For general counseling and academic advising services and resources, visit DeAnza's Counseling & Academic Advising website

Degree & Certificate Requirements

Current (2023-24) ERM&P2 degree and certificate requirements are specified out in the following handouts:

Current General Education (GE) requirements for a DeAnza Associate (AA/AS) degree and/or for transfer to either a CSU or a UC school can be found here.

Past ERM&P2 degree and certificate requirements are specified in the following handouts. 
(Students are allowed to – and usually do – follow the requirements in place at the time they first enroll at DeAnza and/or declare their major. This is what is referred to as "Catalog Rights.")

NOTE: The DegreeWorks online tool (see below) will list your degree or certificate course requirements and show your progress towards completion of those course requirements.

DegreeWorks Online Planning and Audit  Degree Works

DegreeWorks is DeAnza's online degree (and certificate) audit and academic advisement tool that will allow you to:

  • Review your course requirements based on your declared major and selected educational goal (degree or certificate).
  • View your progress toward completion of your associate degree or certificate.
  • See how your past and current courses apply to your graduation requirements.
  • Plan your academic path through De Anza experience, including meeting General Education Requirements for earning your AA/AS degree and/or for transfer to either CSU schools ("CSU GE/Breadth") or UC schools ("IGETC").
  • Review your course grades and calculate your grade point average

DegreeWorks itself is found under your Student tab in MyPortal.

Note that both Video Tutorials and written assistance documents are provided to help you in using DegreeWorks. You can also contact the Counseling & Advising Center (see below) for help with using DegreeWorks.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: While DegreeWorks details degree and certificate requirements, it does NOT detail college transfer requirements, which are both college and major-specific. For transfer requirements, use the ASSIST.org online tool (see below for details).

BHES Division Academic Advisor/Counselor Tom Nguyen

Tom Nguyen is the BHES Division's dedicated student advisor/counselor, serving students within the Division including Environmental Studies/Science students. He has many years of experience in advising/counseling students here at DeAnza, and is well-respected and well-regarded by students, faculty, and staff.

To schedule an appointment with Tom, contact him directly at:


Tom is conveniently located right here in the Kirsch Center, specifically up in Room 218.

Applying for Your Certificate or Degree

In order to receive your certificate or degree, you must formally apply for it. Visit the Degrees and Certificates Application webpage for the online application form that you will need to complete. If you need help in completing the form and/or have questions about it, feel free to contact either:

  • The BHES Division's Academic Counselor Tom Nguyen at nguyentom@deanza.edu.
  • The "Evaluations Unit" of Admissions and Records. They are the ones who will be processing your application, so they will be able to answer all your questions in that regard.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: By meeting the requirements for the Associates (AA) degree in ERM&P2, you also automatically satisfy the requirements for the two underlying Certificates of Achievement we offer in ERM&P2 (Certificate of Achievement; Certificate of Achievement-Advanced). However, you must formally apply for both Certificates just like you do for a degree So be sure to also apply for both Certificates when you apply for your degree. It won't take long, plus you'll be able to then add those Certificates to your resume and, after all, you've earned them, so make sure you get them!

(This also holds true if you are just looking to earn a Certificate of Achievement-Advanced (COAA) in ERM&P2. In so doing, you will automatically qualify for a Certificate of Achievement (COA) but, again, you'll need to apply for the underlying COA to receive it in addition to the COAA, so please make sure to do so.)

Transfer Resources 

  • Transfer Center : This office on the De Anza campus offers transfer-related events and services to assist students in researching options, making sound choices and planning a smooth transition between institutions.
  • ASSIST.org: This online student-transfer information system shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another.

It is important to recognize that transfer planning is separate and distinct from degree planning. Transfer requirements are both college and major-specific, so careful planning is essential to ensure a successful and efficient transfer.

See the ERM&P2 Transfer Information webage for listings of local four-year colleges and universities with environmental programs, detailing the environmental majors they offer and providing a weblink for obtaining more information.

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