About the Building

Energy Goals and Building Features

  • Primary Energy Design Goals
  • Maximize the use of on-site environmental energies.
  • Minimize the use of “purchased” energy originating exterior to the site.
  • Assure thermal and visual comfort.
  • Support the flexibility of use of classroom, laboratory and conference spaces.
  • Minimize the environmental emissions caused by the manufacture of construction materials, actual construction, and lifetime use of the building.

Other Building Features

  • Solar panel roof
  • Advanced natural ventilation (West Wing)
  • Raised floor for gentle air distribution and flexibility (East Wing)
  • Natural daylighting
  • Orientation and layout for energy efficiency and passive solar benefits
  • Water conservation and water runoff control
  • Radiant heating and cooling (West Wing)
  • Native species landscaping

Facility Layout and Highlights

  • Energy Exhibit Hall
  • Large Lecture Classroom (100 students) and Small Lecture Classroom (48 students)
  • Mediated Learning Classroom (48 students)
  • Statewide Energy Management Program (SEMP) Lab (32 students)
  • Biodiversity Program Lab – John Muir Institute of Natural Sciences (32 students)
  • The Max (open learning spaces) for mediated learning
  • Study Tutorial Areas and Student Learning Resource Center
  • Division and Faculty Offices
  • Astronomy Observation Deck, Solar Plaza and Outdoor Study Areas
  • Stewardship Resource Center
  • See our brochure about the Kirsch Center to learn more about these areas.
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