We continue to broaden and strengthen our relationship with business partners in the community!

 We continue to see graduates of our program hired into high demand, living wage careers in Energy and Facility Management!

Graduates of our program find jobs quickly after graduation. Our curriculum has been vetted by companies hiring new employees. Employers believe our students are uniquely prepared and differentiated from other candidates they are considering. In addition to classroom education, De Anza Energy and Facility Management students gain important hands-on experience as part of our program.

 100 percent of De Anza's Energy and Facility Management / Building Science graduates in 2016-2017 were hired in DEGREE RELATED careers last year. Read what the state Chancellor's Office has to say about De Anza's Energy and Facility Management / Building Science Program and the educational and career pathway opportunities we provide our students.

Our Grads continue to find careers 

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