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De Anza offers two certificates and an associate degree  in the interrelated fields of Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention (ERM&P2):

  • Environmental Resource Management: Sustainable use, management, and protection of our fundamental environmental resources:
    • Air
    • Water
    • Land
    • Food
    • Climate
    • Materials extracted from the earth, including wood, fossil fuels, and various minerals/mined materials.
  • Pollution Control, Prevention and Cleanup, addressing:
    • Air pollution and climate change
    • Water pollution
    • Land contamination
    • Trash and garbage
    • Hazardous waste, including chemical, radioactive and medical waste

Upon completion, students are prepared for employment as environmental management or pollution prevention specialists in a wide range of positions and settings, including working for:

  • Government agencies (federal/state/local)
  • Business and industry
  • Non-profit organizations and public interest groups
  • Professional consulting firms

Students who earn an associate degree can also seek transfer opportunities to colleges and universities offering bachelor's degree programs in Environmental Studies and Environmental Science, including:

  • CSUs
    • San Jose State, San Francisco State, Sonoma State, CSU-East Bay and others.
  • UCs
    • UC-Berkeley, UC-Davis, UC-Santa Cruz and others.
  • Private Colleges & Universities
    • Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco and others.

Getting Started

Visit our Apply and Register page to learn how to apply for admission and sign up for classes now.

The introductory course for the ERM&P2 major is ES 50: Intro to Environmental Resource Management & Pollution Prevention.

Helpful Tips

  • If you are seeking a certificate, you should start with the ES 50 course.
  • If, instead, you are pursuing an associates degree, you should start off with the required foundational courses (namely: ES 1, ES 4, ESCI 1, and ESCI 1L).
  • If you just want to "check out the major," you should sign up for ES 50.

See the Academic Advising Info & Resources webpage for more information.

For More Information

For More Information

Environmental Resource Management & Pollution Prevention (ERM&P2) Program

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