If you have questions not on this list, please email the WebTeam (webteam@deanza.edu) and we will answer it and add it to the list.

New Website Questions

When is the new website going to launch?

May 1, 2018.

By when do I need to have my content in the new site templates?

April 30, 2018. We will keep you informed once we have more definite timelines. It is important to keep updating your current site as well as the new one.

What if I don't have the time or resources to move over my content?

We prefer you to move over your own content. This will help you get familiar with the new templates and it will give you the opportunity to clean-up or re-organize your site. We do understand, however, that there are a lot of demands on everyone's time and it might not be possible for you to move over your own content. In that case, the WebTeam will be happy to help. Just shoot us an email at webteam@deanza.edu.

Will my site disappear if I do nothing?

Yes and no. Your old site will be gone, but we will have copied over (as best we can) your content into new pages on the new site. We are developing options to allow us to do this and will develop guidelines as to how much we can move over or how old of content we will move over.

Where can I get help if I have a problem or need help using the system?

Just shoot the WebTeam an email. (webteam@deanza.edu)

Are there more trainings scheduled and can I come to them?

Yes! There are many more trainings and several open lab hours available over the quarter. Go to the Omni Training home page or follow this link to see the dates and times; you can also register for the trainings there.

What if I can't make it to one of the trainings listed above?

No worries! Email the Web Team (webteam@deanza.edu) and we can schedule a time for a one-on-one training (at your office or ours) or we can schedule a small group training if you like.

Content Related Questions

Can I get help developing my content or have someone review it?

Absolutely! Brandon Bailey (baileybrandon@deanza.edu) is our writer/content editor and can help you organize, develop or re-write your content. He has a long list of sites to cover, so please be patient. It may be after the launch before he can get to you.

How can I make sure my pages and content are accessible to people with disabilities?

There are many good resources online for accessibility-related information. A great place to start is to look through and read a few of the WebAIM Accessibility Articles. There is also accessibility information at different points in the training website.


I know I asked this before, but when is the new site launching?

May 1, 2018. 

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