Content Audit

It is important to look over what you have before you start placing it into your pages. These are the questions you need to ask yourself. This is an opportunity to start fresh with your site.

Out With The Old

Often a site becomes a holding area for every file that ever needed to be put on the web. It can easily become a historical archive of everything that has ever happened in your department. These examples are not the purpose of the website. The De Anza website is here to provide relevant information to visitors so that they can do what they need to do, usually become a student and register for classes.

One good thing to do is to go to your current site, and then use the Modified header to sort your content by when it was last modified (you will need to do the same in sub-folders). See what content is really old and think about if you need it or not. What pictures are from 4 or more years ago? 

Make Sure What You Keep Is Accessible

Look at your PDFs or word documents. Open them in their programs and run accessibility checkers on them. Are they compliant? Is this a form that another department controls, but you put a copy on your site? Link to the original!

Resources for Creating Accessible Documents

For more information on general accessibility guidelines, please see Editing Your Page Content > Publishing Your Content.

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