Page Parameters are objects that pertain to the overall page including its layout. 

Title and Metadata

These are the same fields that you filled out when creating the page. Make changes here to update your original information.

Custom Settings

These fields are specific to the page template that you are using and adjust the layout of the page.

Page Content

Content Heading - Display

This toggles on the display of the content heading. This is a heading that would be the first heading on the page and appear before the image or video in the page heading if selected in multi-edit. This is the same as having a Heading 2 at the top of the page. Use it if the Page title is not descriptive enough of the page content.

Content Heading

This is the text of the content heading.

Left Column

This will show or hide the left navigation column.

Right Column

This will show or hide the right promo column.


Gallery Type

At some point image galleries will be allowed on pages. This option will designate how they are to be displayed on the page. Please just leave a Thumbnails for now.

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