After you have completed your content review, gotten rid of your ROT and created your wonderful new site, there are a few steps to take next:

  1. Play in the playground!
    Once you login to Omni on the new site, there is a folder titled __playground. This area is a place you can feel free to create pages and sites, try out snippets and assets, or just get used to the new templates. If you create something you really like, let the WebTeam know and we can move it for you to your permanent site.

  2. Ask for your site to be created.
    If you feel comfortable with the new templates and creating pages and sections, let the WebTeam know and we can get your site setup for you to start your work.

  3. Add your content.
    Create pages and sections for your new site. Fill your pages with your content.

  4. Ask for help.
    Is something not looking or working right? Is there something you keep trying to do but either don't know how or it doesn't end up working how you thought it would? That's OK. We're here to help. Just email the WebTeam at and we will help you out.

  5. Ask for content advice.

    Brandon is here to offer advice or to work with you on making your content as concise and relevant as possible. He is very good and very fast.

  6. Let the WebTeam know that your site is ready!

    Please continue to update your site when information changes, but this will let us look it over for any errors or accessibility concerns and address them before we go live.

  7. Keep updating!

    Both the old and new sites will be running together until the final switch, so it is important to make sure that your new pages have the most current information. We will alert you before the switch so you can double-check.

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