There are many fields to fill out when creating a new page. Each one is important for different reasons.

Page Title

The page title is what appears both at the top of the browser, in the page header, in serach results and when linked on social media. The title of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page's content. Put the purpose of the page first, before descriptions of it owners. Good titles should be less than 60 characters


A.A. Degree in Accounting - Taxation Emphasis | De Anza College

More information about Page Titles

Page Description

Page descriptions summarize the pages content and are shown underneath search engine results and sometimes in social feeds. They help users understand better what a page is about. It is best to keep them under 160 characters.

More information about Page Descriptions


 Tags are used on in Omni and only to help find things, feel free to ignore this section.


No longer of any value, feel free to ignore.

Add Navigation Item

If you would like this new page to be included in the navigation, please select yes, otherwise select no. The page will still be visible to the outside world, but they may not know how to get to it.


This is what you would like the file name to be. This will appear in the browser address bar, so please think carefully about the page's file name. Make it something that will make it easy to understand what the page is about. Separate words with hyphens to make it clearer to read. Try to avoid abbreviations, dates/years or internal words or phrases. Please do not add an extension, this will be done automatically.

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