Adding Images


Adding images is very similar to the old site. Put your cursor where you want the image to go. Use the image chooser icon in the toolbar to bring up the file chooser dialog. What's new in the new site it that you must publish images.

PlanetariumFind the file

Use the file chooser to navigate to the images folder of your site or to the soon-to-be-released folder of approved De Anza images. You also have the option to upload an image. Make sure you are in your site's images folder. 

Describe It

You must put in a description of the file. A good description helps users with vision impairments and also helps with search.

Add a Class

If you want the image to expand to take up the full width of the column, you should add the class called Responsive Image. It should be near the top in the class dropdown.

Resize and Align

You can also choose to size your image to be less than the width of the column, and the to place it to the left of text or the right of text. Adjust the size option, then on the advanced tab, select which side of the screen you would like to to "float" to: right or left.

Sizing Suggestions

It is important when using images that they look clear and are the appropriate size for the purpose for which they are being used.

The maximum view size of the page is ~1200 pixels wide, so try not to go wider than that on any image. Also wide landscape images are preferred to portrait due to how they scale. Portrait images will quickly increase how tall your page is. 


A newly uploaded image must be published before it reliably appears in preview and editing. This differs from the old site, which automatically published images. 

Image Galleries

These are coming! Once we finalize our site and design files and how image galleries will work, you will be able to create image galleries and drop them into your site. It is important to note that there should be a good reason for an image gallery, and that they should probably be time limited.

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