Testing for Learning Disabilities

If you think you may have a disability, you can make an appointment with our Learning Disability Specialist to see if an assessment is recommended.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with the learning disability specialist, please call or email our office:

Learning Disability Testing
Registration and Student Services (RSS) Building, Room 141
Phone: 408.864.8753

The Learning Disability Specialist can recommend special courses that will help you with learning strategies, reading, math and writing. The specialist can also recommend accommodations that will support your academic success.

There is no charge to be tested for a learning disability, but you must be a full-time De Anza student.

Services offered by the Learning Disability Specialist include

  • Learning disability assessment
  • Learning skills classes
  • DSS tutoring and learning strategies
  • Educational planning and advising


For questions, send an email to: Cathy Phongsamran, Learning Disability Specialist and DSS counselor, at patelcathy@deanza.edu

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