Real-Time Captioning Services

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DHHS has a dedicated classified staff team to provide CART services.

Real-time captioning or Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services is a professional service that can be on location or remote. CART services are provided to DeAnza College students as an approved accommodation by Disability Support Services (DSS).

The Deaf/hard of hearing student may have additional approved accommodations by their DSS counselor.

How Captioning Works


Required Action

REQUIRED Instructor Audio Set-up for Captioning Services in the Classroom
Step 1: Audio Set-Up 

Audio set up for captioners to hear your lecture and to caption for the student requires Zoom Set-up. This  is ONLY so the Captioner can receive the audio of your lecture. You will need to schedule an on-going Zoom meeting for the quarter with your FHDA Zoom account. The Zoom links need to be sent to the DHHS Supervisor Stacy Chapman at

When you start your lecture, the captioner will receive the audio using Zoom and send the captions directly to the student’s device in real-time. If you need any assistance, please reach out to DHHS, or please review our Instructional Video on our DHHS website:

We recommend setting up the meeting so the DHHS captioner can automatically join without instructors having to admit the captioner to each meeting.

The Zoom meeting will only be shared with the DHHS Supervisor and Captioner to obtain audio.

Step 2: Share Screen

If you are sharing any power points, computer work, doc cam or media from the computer during class lecture, it is helpful to share your screen on Zoom so that the captioner can follow along for smooth translation.

What We Need From You


Please email Stacy Chapman or send a hard copy of your syllabus & calendar to DHHS. 

ADA & Captioned Media 

Ensure your media is captioned. This is required by ADA. 

Where to click to turn captions on

Ways to ensure the media you incorporate on to Canvas is captioned:

Students Receiving Captioning Services 

DHHS Captioning Student Graduation

Wait Times

Below are the required wait times for captioners. After the wait time has expired, the captioner will contact the supervisor to report the "no-show" and to possibly be reassigned.

1 Hour Class   15 Minutes
2 Hour Class   20 Minutes
3 Hours or More   30 Minutes


  • Students will receive an electronic copy of the transcripts for reference.
  • Only students registered with DSS are entitled to the transcripts.
  • Students cannot sell, distribute, or reproduce transcripts for any purpose.
  • Transcripts will be provided only for class sessions attended by the student.
  • Transcripts will be available via Google docs to the student within a 2-day (48-hour) turnaround time.

For all policies and procedures, please refer to our DISH



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Location: LCW 110

Regular Hours:           


On Campus:

Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

By Appointment:

M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


Contact Information: 

PH: (408) 864-5435

VP (408) 565-8687

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