An educational plan helps you set academic goals and stay on track to complete them. You also need an ed plan to get and keep priority enrollment at De Anza. 

You'll learn more about building a preliminary ed plan during orientation.  Here are some additional tips that may be helpful.

  • If you are employed, plan your course load based on number of hours that you work. So if the number of  hours you work each week is 


    You may want to take 3-6 units each quarter.


    You may want to take 6-9 units.


    You may want to take 9-12 units.

    Fewer than 20

    You might take 12-15 units.

  • Complete your requirements in English and mathematics as soon as possible.
  • Take skill-building courses like mathematics and composition in consecutive terms so you don't forget the background material you have learned.
  • For structured programs, such as professional or technical training, follow the program outline as closely as possible. Courses are recommended in a sequence because they build on each other in regards to knowledge and skills.
  • Check which courses have prerequisites and be sure you take the prerequisites first. You will not be able to register for a course if it has a prerequisite that you have not taken. If you enroll in a class without earning a grade of "C" or higher in any prerequisite, you will be dropped from the class.
  • Choose general education electives based on your career choice or personal interest.
  • Take a high-interest course every quarter, so you stay enthusiastic about college and learning.
  • Contact your counselor for more help with your educational plan.
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