Online Tutoring Tips for Students

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Students have access to archives of each of their NetTutor tutoring sessions.

Archives can be used for various purposes:

  • to review the content of a tutoring session;
  • as the starting point for follow‐up sessions with a tutor;
  • to provide verification to an instructor who offers extra credit.

To provide verification to an instructor for extra credit:

  •  If you submitted a paper to the Writing Center, the tutor feedback comes back to you as an attachment in the same file format that you originally submitted it--usually a Word doc.  You can e-mail that attachment to your instructor or they print it and hand it in.
  • If you participated in a live Drop In session or submitted an Offline Question, your whiteboard session and/or offline feedback is “archived” on your Personal Archive tab. You can print the archive when viewing it and, on Apple and some other computers, print or save the archived session as a PDF.

Another option for whiteboard sessions is to take one or more screenshots and print or e-mail the screenshot. For instructions on how to take a screenshot on Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, or other systems, see

Some instructors may also ask you to submit a reflection on your tutoring session, summarizing what you learned from the session.

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