Group Tutoring

Group Tutoring Session

Quarter-long weekly meeting once per week!

Please Note: Group tutoring only offers during regular quater and not offers during summer.

Join forces with classmates and a group-trained tutor.

Review materials, test preparation, and group problem solving.

Group tutoring is a popular option for college-level courses and collaborative learning is a great way to tackle challenging courses.

Groups require a minimum of five students, so find at least four more classmates to commit to the group! Students in group tutoring needs to make a commitment of attending their assigned group tutoring sesion weekly, regularly in order to keep their group tutoring from being dropped. If this is not flexible and you can't follow our attendance requirement, you can use drop-in tutoring instead.

Group offerings typically include:

  • Math: 10, 11, 12, 1A-D, 2A, 2B
  • Physics: 10, 2A-C, 4A-D
  • Chemistry: 10, 1A-C, 12A, 12B
  • Biology: 10, 6A-C, 40A-C

To request group tutoring, send an email to:

For Stats, Precalculus & Calculus subjects: send to
For Algebra, Physics & Chemistry subjects: send to

In the email, beside indicating your request for group tutoring, be sure to include:

i) Subject and Course (Example: Physics 4A)

ii) All the names, emails and students IDs of your classmates and yourself.

iii) Multiple days and times your group is available (the more availability the more likely we can match your group with a tutor)

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