If you are interested in pre-assessment preparation, then please visit the test preparation webpage.

If you already assessed and earned a result of "Math ### or Math Module" then you have an opportunity to reassess after you complete the module requirements for retaking the placement.  Only students that receive the "or Math Module" result qualify for the module and reassessment; all other students must enroll in the placed math course, or transfer math units over from another 2- or 4-year institution (course completion must be less than five years ago).

Match your results with the highest math class you have ever complete, whether college, high school or another country. Under the "Module Option" column, click on the linked PDF file for the sign-up information that fits your needs. Carefully read all Module Options and if you are not sure which to choose read all the options. If the page does not load, try another browser or update current.

210 or module Never completed algebra Any Prealgebra
210 or module Algebra I or II Any Algebra
212 or module Algebra I or II Any Algebra
212/114 or module Algebra II Any Algebra
212/114 or module Algebra II with Trig or Math Analysis Read important info Precalculus
212/114 or module Precalculus with Trigonometry Read important info Precalculus
212/114 or module Calculus Read important info Precalculus 

Steps for Reassessment

1.  Complete the module at the necessary level, please thoroughly read the module option requirements.  You must complete the minimum module percentage for your goal to earn your opportunity to reassess.

2.  Email MSTRC staff at mstrc@deanza.edu to receive verification of completion for reassessment.  The module is an opportunity for reassessment, not for prerequisite clearance.

3.  Once cleared, schedule your appointment with the Assessment Center.

Cost Savings Example

Assessment Results: Math 114 or module

Students that enroll in Math 114 (Intermediate Algebra) pay the amount below for a non-transferable math class.  In most cases, Math 114  is a course that students completed in high school.

Resident Cost = $35/unit x 5 units + $125 textbook = $300 plus student fees

Non-Resident Cost = $185/unit x 5 units + $125 textbook = $1100 plus student fees

Students that purchase the ~$50 ALEKS math module and meet minimum completion requirements, earn reassessment and place into transferable math courses.  This saves at least one quarter of class time for much needed classes and hundreds of dollars!

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