How to Register for Online Classes

De Anza College operates on a quarter system with twelve-week sessions beginning in late September and early January, April and June. Our online classes are academically identical to our traditional classes - the same start/end dates, drop/add dates. registration procedures and fees apply. 

Students register for online classes using the same process as students in on-campus academic courses. Online classes are equivalent to regular on-campus classes in credits, transfer, and eligibility for financial aid.

Enrollment in online courses at De Anza College may be prohibited for students residing in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin. Students should contact Admissions and Records using the A&R Help Form to determine eligibility for enrollment in online education courses.


If you have not already applied to be a De Anza College student, you'll need to do that first. You will need to follow the same process as students who are taking traditional classes. See information and instructions on this page.

Find Your Courses

You can search for available online courses in the De Anza College Schedule of Classes. Select the quarter you want to take the classes in, the click "Online Education" as the search criteria to see all the online course offerings for that quarter. (note: some courses require on-campus meetings)


The process for registering for online classes is the same as regular face-to-face classes (they follow the same academic calendar and the same fees apply). Please see De Anza's Registration Information page for the steps to follow.

Explore Canvas

You should gain access to Canvas within 24 hours of receiving your Campus Wide ID. Your courses may not be available yet, but you can explore our Canvas Resource Library by clicking on the Help menu in Canvas.

Need to Add a Class?

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If you'd like to add a course after the quarter begins, you must contact the instructor. Online Education does not provide Add Codes.

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