Courses Offered By This Department

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter or may not be available in the foreseeable future. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 50 Career Opportunities in Nursing 2
NURS 77 Special Projects in Nursing 0.5
NURS 77X Special Projects in Nursing 1
NURS 77Y Special Projects in Nursing 2
NURS 77Z Special Projects in Nursing 3
NURS 91A Health Assessment 2
NURS 91AL Health Assessment Lab 2.5
NURS 91B Fundamentals of Nursing/Sub-Acute 2
NURS 91BL Fundamentals of Nursing/Sub-Acute Clinical 2.5
NURS 91P Pharmacology I 1.5
NURS 92 Medical-Surgical Nursing 4
NURS 92L Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical 4.5
NURS 92P Pharmacology II 1.5
NURS 93 Reproductive Health Nursing 2
NURS 93A Pediatric Nursing 2
NURS 93AL Pediatric Nursing Clinical 2
NURS 93L Reproductive Health Nursing Clinical 2
NURS 93PL Pharmacology III Laboratory 0.5
NURS 94 Gerontology Nursing 2
NURS 94A Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 2
NURS 94AL Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Clinical 2
NURS 94L Gerontology Nursing Clinical 2
NURS 95 Complex Health Challenges 4
NURS 95L Complex Health Challenges Clinical 4.5
NURS 96 Leadership and Management in Nursing 2
NURS 96A Nursing Concept Integration 2
NURS 96L Leadership and Management in Nursing Clinical 4.5
NURS 201 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamentals of Nursing/Sub-Acute 1
NURS 202 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Medical-Surgical Nursing 1
NURS 203 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Pediatric and Reproductive Health Nursing 1
NURS 204 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Gerontology Nursing 0.5
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