Selected Graduation Poems

Here is a selection of poems submitted by students to commemorate De Anza's 54th annual graduation celebration and the Class of 2021. 

Introducing Our Graduation Poet: Sara Robertson

Sara is graduating this year with degrees in English and Liberal Arts. She'll be reading an original poem during the Online Grad Celebration video premiere on Friday, June 25, and her poem will be published here after the event. Watch for more announcements soon!

Poem for Graduates

By Josh Schoen

Like a slowly advancing tsunami

This year started calmly, then gathered strength

And blew out all of our expectations

Lives upended

Plans fractured

People shuttered inside

As if they were captured

In this vast world

Of bleakness and fear

And then, slowly

We emerged like a brilliant butterfly

Trying out new wings

And flying, soaring

To new heights that we didn't think we could achieve

And here we are

Post-vaccinated, crawling out of the dark

And ready to enter a phase of wonder

Of creativity and exploration

Into a new world

A better world

One of compassion, of love, of unity

One where we all look out for each other

Where we know our neighbors

And can count on each other

Where we can take these new skills

To another place

And thrive, knowing what we learned

From this year of darkness

As the light has finally shined through


By Brenda Eldridge

It is never too late to presume your dreams

But catch them while you can

While you are young and your mind is fresh, alive and free

It is never too late to presume your dreams

Even if you are older and find that you are in need of more

It is never too late to presume your dreams

Do not wait or put anything off for tomorrow

It is never too late to presume your dreams

Education, while it can lead to success, what you learn will always stay with you

It is never too late to presume your dreams

To learn is to grow the mind and the spirit

It is never too late to presume your dreams

So walk through your learning, do not run

It is never too late to presume your dreams

You will feel a sense of achievement that will take you high to another level in your mind

It is never too late to presume your dreams


By Esperanza Sanz Escudero

Vital resilience

Blossoming into new feats,

together we grad


By Carolina Mondragon

We have survived catastrophe

Falling buildings,

recessions and war.

We’ve overcome our personal doubts,


And the “Karen” asking for the manager the day you took your final.

Although we have lost some battles,

We have returned three times as powerful.

Today we walk,

Tomorrow we run,

For everything is possible.


By Vu Nguyen

To everyone stand here on this day

We all achieved our first step

In the long run of our life

Two years of college was end

But still more years to endeavor

Learning is a life process

I hope we stand till the end.

Fly close to the sun

By Kimi Fernandez Mendez 

For you are not Icarus,

your wings are not wax

You will soar higher than he ever did

beneath the sun, wings intact

For you are not Icarus

wings bursting into fire

And if they were blazing alight

it would not be to fall but to inspire


By Jack Son

I am no longer one who isolates,

I have become one who forefront the position to facilitate.

No longer will I step down and descend to be weak,

Forever will I strive up and ascend beyond the peaks.

To refrain myself from those who left me astray who bar me in a barricade no longer,

be resilient and relentless to break free to lust for wander.

Stay true to self, but embrace those who persist in your reassurance,

keep them close and reminisce this journey to your perseverance.

To my loved ones, if we ever become distant and apart,

just remember that from the start, we are forever together in heart.

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