About the Committee

The Art on Campus Advisory Committee was revived in 2021 to serve in an advisory capacity to the Campus Facilities Committee. This advisory committee includes members from the faculty and student groups, as well as from Creative Arts, Community Education and College Operations.

Mission Statement

The Art on Campus Committee advises the campus community on the needs in support of existing artwork and offers proposals for future artwork on campus. The committee is also responsible for coordinating the refreshment of student artwork and displays campuswide. Embedded in this mission is a passion for accessibility to art and equity in presentation, as well as our commitment to inclusion by providing moments of access to art throughout our community. 

Charges and Activities

  • Develop proposals for artwork installations that support the mission of De Anza College
  • Develop meaningful interactions between staff, students, community artists and community audiences
  • Provide students opportunities to showcase their work and engage with the community
  • Explore opportunities on our campus to exhibit artworks with a range of concepts, styles and media, and a diversity of artists (including gender, race, perspectives) whose work informs, inspires and challenges our students, the college and the community to see the world anew
  • Present opportunities to share as a teaching and learning resource for students, faculty members and the community, and as an important arts destination in the Bay Area
  • Develop proposals to support the cleaning and maintenance of existing artwork, or moving artwork as needed
  • With community input, solicit, select and recommend art, artists and sites for future art to Campus Facilities Committee


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