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Sofia Varela

The Penguin Gingerbread Boy Cookie 

and the Eleven Little Penguins

De Anza Child Development Center teacher Sofia Varela explains how this story came about:

The Penguin Gingerbread Boy Cookie"This book originated from the children’s interest in the study of penguins in the continent of Antarctica in January 2021. After reading nonfiction books to them, I researched for narrative stories about penguin gingerbread cookies, since the children were excited about this yummy treat. Luckily, there wasn’t a creative story written yet ...

"During group time, I announced to the children that I would write a penguin gingerbread boy story for them. At that moment, I began my writing journey for a children’s book that I could personalize for the eleven children in the classroom. After the book was written, the children’s enthusiasm for a puppet show was born."

Once upon a time ...

Gingerbread Penguin illustrations: sliding on tummy and running on fresh snow... a mother penguin named Sofia wanted to make gingerbread cookies for her baby Penguin Polarcito during the winter season in Antarctica. This was mother penguin’s first time cooking inside her icy igloo, therefore she decided to make only one Penguin Gingerbread Boy cookie. The igloo in which mother penguin Sofia lived had a small tiny oven.

When she opened the oven to peek and check on her cookie, out popped a Penguin Gingerbread Boy cookie! The Penguin Gingerbread Boy cookie ran out of the igloo teeny tiny door!

The chase for the Penguin Gingerbread Boy cookie began. Now remember that the Penguin Gingerbread Boy cookie was very skilled at sliding on its tummy on frozen ice, at running on fresh snow, and at swimming like a torpedo in ice cold oceans and fierce warm waters.



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