Under state law, the college cannot refund enrollment fees when a student drops a class after the first two weeks of a quarter (or 10 percent of a shorter course), unless the change occurred because the college canceled or rescheduled the class or dropped the student pursuant to Subdivision (I) of California Code Title V, Section 55003, where the student failed to meet a prerequisite.

Steps to Receive a Refund or Credit

Step 1: Be sure to drop your class before the drop deadline. You'll find the deadlines for your classes on MyPortal: Open the Apps section, click on the Student Registration icon and then click on View Your Class Schedule. If your class meets one time only, drop your class before the date of the class meeting.

Step 2: Submit your request through MyPortal. Open the apps section and select the Bill Payment icon, then look for the Refund Request button. Be sure you double-check your permanent address before submitting. You should then see a confirmation message. If a credit card refund is not possible, the college will mail a check to your confirmed US permanent address.

Steps for California Virtual Campus Students Only:

  • If you are enrolled as a student through California Virtual Campus-OEI, you will need to drop the unwanted class by following the CVC-OEI process. (For assistance, please visit the CVC-OEI website.)
  • After you have dropped the class, please wait one day before submitting a refund request by emailing deanzacashier@deanza.edu – please type "CVC-EOI Refund" in the subject line. We will confirm by emailing you after your request is processed.

Please note

  • A class added after the drop deadline is not eligible for a refund.
  • In calculating your refund, the college may withhold a $10 service charge, as authorized by state law.
  • For classes dropped before the start of the term, the college will not withhold the $10 service charge. 

Out-of-State and Foreign Students

Out-of-state and foreign tuition will only be refunded for classes that are dropped before the drop deadline. You’ll find the deadline for your class in MyPortal under “View Your Class Schedule.”

Parking Fees

Parking fees will not be refunded after the second week of a quarter (first week of summer session), unless the college cancels all classes. You must return your parking decal to the campus police substation.


Any available credit is automatically applied to new charges until it runs out. If you have a credit on your account, you may choose whether to request a refund.

Processing Time

Most refunds will be processed no earlier than the first day of the third week of term.

If you paid your fees by cash, check or credit card in person, please allow three to four weeks for processing a refund check. If you paid on-line, a credit card refund will be processed within five working days, but not earlier than the first day of the third week of school.

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