FAQs About the Installment Plan

Q: I want to sign up for an installment plan, but the system is not offering me one. Why?

A: There are three conditions you must satisfy in order to qualify for an installment plan. You must:

  1. Be a student in good standing. This means having no holds on your account.
  2. Have a balance of $50 or more.
  3. The deadline to sign for a payment plan has not passed.

Q: I don’t have a credit card or checking account. Can I sign up for an installment plan and use cash to make the down payment and installment payments?

A: No. The installment plan is completely online and a credit card must be on file to process the scheduled payments.

Q: Why didn’t I receive an email confirmation when I enrolled in the installment plan and made a down payment?

A: Check the email address currently listed on the "Notifications" section under "My Profile" for accuracy. We also recommend to check your spam/junk folder just in case these emails are flagged as spam.

Q: I enrolled in a class and then an installment plan. However, the class was canceled. There is now a credit balance on my account for the down payment, but not the enrollment fee. How do I get my $25 enrollment fee and down payment back?

A: Since refunds are not automatically, you must submit your refund request. If the class you signed the payment plan has been cancelled, we will included the Payment plan fee in your refund.

Q: I enrolled in an installment plan for this quarter. Now I just added another class. Do I have to enroll in a new installment plan to pay for the new class?

A: No, the installment plan will be updated to include the charges for the class you just added. It will also be automatically updated if a class is canceled or if you drop a class before the deadline to drop with a refund.

Q: What happens if I can’t pay one of the installment payments?

A: The system will try to charge the credit card on file the following days. If by the last scheduled payment, your account still has a balance due, a hold will be placed on your records until you pay in full.

Q: If I can’t pay the $25 fee and down payment, can I enroll in an installment plan?

A: No, both the fee and down payment are required by the time of signing the payment plan. In this scenario, we highly recommend you to visit the financial aid office for any assistance that might be available to you.

Q: Does the installment plan cover both "enrollment" and "basic" fees?

A: Yes.

Q: Can out-of-state or international students sign up for a installment plan?

A: Yes.

Q: I'm taking two classes at Foothill and two classes at De Anza. Do I have to enroll in a separate installment plan for each college and pay the $25 fee twice?

A: No. Since we are part of the same district, the two colleges offer shared plans. Please select only one plan. The plan will work for both colleges. If you are offered multiple plans, select one only.

FAQs About Authorized Users

Q: My father wants to make payments on my account as an authorized user. Does that mean he will be able to see everything I can see when I log into MyPortal?

A: No, we protect your privacy. He can only see your current amount due and payment history (if you allow him to view the history). He will not be logging into your records. He will receive an email with a separate link and password to view the account at the level you authorize.

Q: My mother tried to set up her checking account to pay my fees. Why did the system refuse her account?

A: We only accept credit cards for online payments.

Q: After I’ve set someone up as an authorized user, can I change the level of access if I no longer want him or her to see my payment history? Can I completely remove the user?

Yes. Once on the payment system, select "Authorized Users".” Update the type of access by clicking on the "Action" icon. You may select "Delete" to remove the user completely.

Q: My authorized user just changed her email address. How do I tell the payment system about her new email?

A: The only option is to delete her as an authorized user and then add her back, listing the new email address. She will then receive a new password.

Q: Both of my parents want to be an authorized user. Can I have more than one?

A: Yes, as long as each user has a separate email address. Each will be sent a unique password.

Q: I owe money for last quarter. Can I enroll in a payment plan?

A: Unfortunately no. The payment plans available are for current term charges only.

Q: I must return some financial aid award. Can I enroll in a payment plan?

A: Unfortunately no. Any financial aid overaward must be paid in full.

See more FAQs about Fees and Refunds.

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