MOMENTUM Speakers Series

Momentum descriptionThe Momentum series serves as an ongoing dialogue platform and the dean's vehicle for fostering deep mindfulness and productive conversations.

Its primary aim is to close the equity gap, champion inclusivity, advance social justice reform, and deliberately confront structural racism within our educational institutions, both in the classroom and throughout the broader community. Its overarching goal is to bolster optimism, emotional regulation, empathy, diverse perspectives, pro-social objectives, and mindful awareness among all participants.

This space is dedicated to discussing and mobilizing strategies to more effectively support our college’s efforts in achieving equitable policing and eradicating racism definitively

Upcoming Events 

Please check back for information about future events.

Previous Events in the Series

  • SPRING 2023

  • WINTER 2023

  • FALL 2022

  • WINTER 2022

  • FALL 2021

  • SUMMER 2021

  • SPRING 2021

  • WINTER 2021

  • FALL 2020

  • SUMMER 2020

  • SPRING 2020

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