What Is LinC?

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Ghania, Neena and Marta became friends while taking a LinC course in 2021

A LinC Learning Community Is

  • An innovative approach to learning designed for student success
  • Two or more classes linked together with a common theme, content and materials
  • A group of students and instructors working collaboratively in a friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • Open to all De Anza students

The LinC program at De Anza College is offered through the Equity and Engagement Division.

Meet Some LinC Students!

Fatima AhmedFatima Ahmed says taking LinC courses "helped me balance out my heavy course load by combining assignments and readings. Even though it was online, I formed a close bond with many of my classmates!"

Plan Your Schedule!

LinC courses are identified in the schedule of classes with the letter D at the end of the course number (for example: EWRT D001A.41D).

You can check the LinC course schedule to see what's offered this year, so you can plan which courses to take each quarter.


Here's How LinC Works

linc logoThe purpose of a learning community is to promote student success by offering a better way to learn.

We learn naturally by making connections between different ideas and experiences.

In learning communities, we integrate two or more subjects to create a better and easier understanding of both.

You work with the same community of students in the linked classes, helping each other succeed and making friends along the way. With some common readings and assignments, you learn more and complete more units – with less stress.


Julie Wilson

Faculty, English Department



Lydia Hearn

Faculty, English Department

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