General Meeting Information

Date: November 18, 2020
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Introduction  and  Welcome I Alicia Cortez
    1:45 p.m. Conocimiento I Tony Santa Ana
    2:05 p.m.

    Subcommittee Reports:  

    • DASB
    • DDEAC 
    • College Council
    • District Technology
    • Facilities Master Plan Subcommittee
    • Chief of Police Advisory Committee
    I Committee Members
    2:40 p.m


    1. Chancellor Eloy's Call to Action Update
    2. 2020-21 Board Priorities
    I/D All
    2:50 p.m. Announcements
    1. EAC Retreat - Friday, Dec. 4th


    2:55 p.m. Appreciations



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Present: Alicia Cortez, Elvin Ramos, Tony Santa Ana, Deborah Armstrong, Deborah Taylor, Danny Acosta, Edmundo, Lisa Castro, Mylinh Pham, Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Lisa Mandy

    Guests: Kaufusi Tuitavake, Stephen Ong, Claire Saul Albis, Mehul Sharma, Maritza Arreola, Andrew Phelps,

    Meeting Items


    Announcements of EAC Tri Chairs are Melinda Hughes as faculty, Deborah Taylor as Classified, and Edmundo Norte as Administrator.


    Facilitator: Tony Santa Ana

    guiding questions: What are those impactful moments you had in your college career?  Who were those people that helped you throughout your college career?

    “Conocimiento” means “knowing” and in the context of community organizing it is a principle that holds the importance of knowing each other’s stories to frame what we share and contribute.

    Reviewed Community Agreements

    Subcommittee Reports:
    • DASB: (Iris Kim) senators are working hard and created the diversity task force while event committees are dedicated to showing up in allyship and building genuine relationships with students from historically oppressed communities. They are also coordinating the DASB town hall event on Friday, Nov 20, 2020 at 4pm.
    • DDEAC: (Edmundo NOrte) One agenda item was talking about the feedback given to the FHDA District Board Priorities that they want to be codified. The board had an extensive meeting and decided to move forward on a few feedback items and declined other feedback items. The other project of the district was following up with Dr. Joy DeGruy and her services and the meeting was co facilitated by Tony Santa Ana and Melinda Hughes with support from Adriana Garcia,. Her recommendations were to listen to the students and suggested we do qualitative surveys and other forms of student centered feedback.
    • College Council: (Edmundo Norte) In terms of decision making and in terms of funding, faculty position funding and planning, they are discussed in the administrative, student services and instruction planning budget teams. The college council meets every 2 weeks led by the college president and academic president and are considering the classified president. They are looking at budget cuts and are considering leftover monies to roll over for the next year. How money gets spent and what positions get prioritized are 2 concepts the college is exploring right now and discovering as they are becoming more aware that there iis systemic structural racism. Knowing that motivates questions to explore questions like what are we willing to do to speak to that? and what are we gonna do in our part to address that? and do differently?
    • District Technology: (Sandy Cardoza) - not present
    • Facilities Master Plan Subcommittee: (Alicia cortez) This committee looks at changes that need to be made every 5 years. We need to look at places that need to be renovated, updated, upgraded and or transformed. Please fill out a survey sent through the communications team. Document for Reference- Bond Update -Study Session- Slides from the BOT Measure G Study Session which included employee and student housing.
    • Chief of Police Advisory Committee: attempted to coordinate 2 meetings and did not work out, so the first meeting this fall is takin place on December 9, 2020 at 4-5:30pm and you can request a zoom link with Danny at The district campus police addressed 2 incidents with suicide ideation, one on each campus. They will add the policy manual (the equivalent of the duty manual) to the campus police website. The campus police have updated their website in the past 2 years based on feedback received. The website has been updated to show statistics and the civilian complaint form Maxient.

    Advocate does not exist anymore. Maxient has replaced Student Advocate . We are already using Maxient at other departments and no longer using Student Advocate. Please report all incidents, concerns, grievances on Maxient. Anyone can make a report.

    Chancellor Eloy's Call to Action Update

    Some of the call to action item are:

    1. Conduct a system wide review of police and first responder training and curriculum;
    2. Campus leaders to host open dialogue and address campus climate;
    3. Campus leaders audit campus classroom climate and develop an action plan to create inclusive classrooms and anti-racism curriculum;
    4. District Boards to urgently review and update their Equity plans;
    5. Shorten the time for the full implementation of the DEI Integration Plan recommendations; and 6. System wide engagement in the virtual “Community Colleges for Change" on the Vision Resource Center.

    You can check out the recorded webinars at the Vision Resource Center. Create an account to access the webinars from precious dates and other resources 

    FHDA Board Priorities 2020-2021

    Through these board priorities, the board of trustees can hold the chancellor accountable and the chancellor holds the presidents accountable. Through this process, there will be accountabilities reports. The Presidents will  then be holding the senior staff and the deans accountable for the work that we are doing as a campus fulfilling these board priorities. At the last board meeting, the students led the charge to include housing and safety as language in the FHDA 2020-2021 board priorities.

    As we move forward, we need to continue to really hone into the voices of our students.

    Fullerton is doing a campus survey how they feel as students living in their racialized identity. Rio Hondo did a survey with equity lens questions and they placed the survey in the canvas shell. De Anza did a covid survey inclusive of race as a variable. 

    There should be another reflection process since it’s almost a year since the covid survey earlier in the Spring of 2020. We are looking at contracting research consultants for future research work, considering the Office of Institutional Research and Planning will have low staff capacity in the coming 6 months. Survey needs to include questions in context of covid, mindful of mental health, emotional health and classroom experiences. When surveys are happening the data is disaggregated such as race, gender, and income.

    EAC Retreat

    Books should be arriving in the mail. Please read as best you can in preparation for retreat on Dec 4, 2020

    As we move forward as EAC, we will continue to look at the state equity plan, and hoping the student equity plan will be more inclusive of student voices. This is the way the state is keeping our campus accountable by requesting we list the activities we are coordinating here at De Anza College.


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