General Meeting Information

Date: October 28, 2020
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Introduction and Welcome I Alicia Cortez
    1:45 p.m. Conocimiento and Ice Breaker I Alicia Cortez
    2:05 p.m.

    Subcommittee Reports:

    • DASB:
    • DDEAC: Edmundo Norte
    • District Technology:  
    I Committee Members
    2:20 p.m. Student Equity Plan I/D Tony Santa Ana
    2:35 p.m. EAC Retrat Proposal: November 20 or December 4


    Alicia Cortez
    2:50 p.m. Announcements


    2:55 p.m. Appreciations I All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Presente: Mylinh Pham, Danny Acosta, Deborah Taylor, Alicia Cortez, Lisa Mandy, Melinda Hughes, Christiana Kaleialii, Lisa Castro, Iris (Doyeon) Kim, Deborah Armstrong

    Guests: Adriana Garcia,  Melissa Aguilar, Claudia Guzmán, Edmundo Norte, Cheryl Jaeger Balm, Angélica Esquivel, Fabiana Jung,

    Absent:  Tony Santa Ana

    Meeting Items

    Introduction and Welcome

    Introductions of new members.

    Conocimiento Icebreaker

    Medicine Wheel Facilitated by Edmundo Norte

    Break into triads/break rooms of our personal values and how it has evolved for each of us

    Please tell the “story” of what all has contributed to the development of your values regarding equity and social justice.

    From a grassroots organizing perspective, this “conocimiento,”getting to know each other, is not “fluff’” or an “icebreaker”, it is fundamental to building and nourishing our human connections


    DASB by Iris Kim- Diversifying the senate- thinking of ways to diversify the senate and have representation of students from marginalized groups. We are working on a heritage day- having access to different cultures. Reevaluation the DASB election process.

    DDEAC by Edmundo Norte – the committee respond to board priorities. In order to get additional help, board asked for DDEAC support where we wordsmith, help clarify, help them articulate. It can be something that can be memorialized. Updated document will be publicized tomorrow Thursday Oct 29th, 2020 per Brown Act. This type of work has not happened in 30+ years. There are so many institutional who are not attempting to do anything and or are actively diverting from this equity and social justice work.

    The team that worked with Dr. Joy DeGruy’s will meet on Friday morning – what ask do we have of her, what request do we have of her, how do we want her to guide our district work

    Need to follow up on Dr. Joy DeGruy’s opening day speaking event. White accountability groups need to continue meeting

    Technology Advisory- n/a

    Student Equity Action

    2012 – Some people acted on the student equity plan at that time and some didn’t        

    2015-2019 Student Equity Funds, with leadership by Veronica Keiffer Lewis and Rowena Tomaneng

    2015 - The first time the Office of Equity was staffed with an administrative assistant, program coordinator and a faculty director. Funding was allocated for personnel. It also funded equity work already happening that did not have monies before. The office then initiated community through the  state equity partners meetings

    An example was the REACH program in athletics and those students who had classes in first level English and Math.

    2017 Umoja – became the new name, formerly known as Sankofa Scholars, and they had a non-tenure counselor.

    IMPACCT AAPI non-tenure track counselor. It had a grant and then the grant ended. We figured out to bring together these programs we had done and created the center. We targeted these areas: Men of color, particularly Black, Filipino, and PI Latinx, SSSP students, LGBQT students.

    Through Mallory’s research support we identified equity gaps in our targeted populations. The next steps are to take a closer look at gender, income, foster care youth, veterans and our DSPS students.

    Reviewed the State Equity Plan 2019-2022 and the 7 page version. We can review some more and do add-ons.

    Melinda has been working with Black and Latinx students to apply to be in Phi Betta Kappa, a national honors program. We need challenge the narratives we have of Black and Latino students struggling because some of them are doing great academically. We need to know how we expand that. 

    We need to identify current equity gaps and work on that.

    Never liked equity gap because it is a deficit model. The psychology behind it is white supremacist. Instead, let’s expand on what is working on the campus. And there needs to be more outreach.

    EAC Retreat-

    Majority voted for December 4 2020 as a date for the retreat.

    Equity Priorities for the AY 2020-2021

    FHDA Board Priorities for 2020-2021. You can provide feedback on this form

    Some feedback and ideas:

    • Remote/virtual learning has thrown such a wrench is communicating with students because they are not hanging around in a space for us to get them connected with our amazing folks across the campus.
    • Focus on Foster Youth (Females) - would like to see Women’s Forum
    • First year Support Cohort Program, What are the Learning community or special programs?
    • STEM: Host STEM Conference for all Affinity Groups
    • African American Female -Foster Youth
    • Is there language the explicitly says we support undocumented students?
    • A center for Jean Miller (JMRR)? such as HEFAS, and SSRS
    • Lunch & Learn (bringing together faculty & students- Ethnic Studies discussion)
    • Look at marketing strategies directed at students (verbiage)
    • Decrease the amount of wait time students wait for mental health and counseling appointments in counseling/transfer/psych services



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