Relevant Links

De Anza Statement of Professional Ethics - Five statements regarding the professional ethics adopted as acting members of the Academic Senate. Adapted from the American Association of University Professor's ethics statement. Regards the practice of intellectual honesty, protection of academic freedom, showing due respect and objectivity, responsibility and effect of decisions regarding De Anza, and acting as professional representatives of the college.

Foothill-De Anza District Board Policies - Overall policies of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District regarding community, administration, business and facilities, personnel, students, bylaws and other official or administrative issues.

California Education Code - California Law regarding the education code. Provides legal information regarding student equity, English as a second language for students, details on county hierarchy, school district elections, and other matters of education law.

Title 5: California Code of Regulations - Title 5 is part of the California code of Regulations regarding Education. Division 6 of Title 5 deals with community college information like college standards, employees and students, curriculum, special programs, fiscal support and administration.

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