General Meeting Information

Date: December 4, 2023
Time: 2:30-4:30 PM
Location: MLC 255

For our final meeting of the quarter, please bring some treats to share to celebrate if you are so inclined.

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online.  To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader

    I. Call to Order


    Voting and Associate members joining us online, please turn your cameras on and add "VM" to your zoom name to help identify you to the public.

    I All
    2:30-2:35 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from November 27, 2023 I/D/A All

    Public Comment

    I All

    II. Consent Calendar


    Approval of Consent Calendar

    I/D Woodbury

    III. Needs and Confirmations


    District and College Needs (Attachment)

    • J1 Training and Implementation Committee
    • RAPP Executive Secretary (1)
    I/D Guitron

    Confirmations (Attachment)

    • AO Hiring Committee (nomination from the floor)
    • Interim VPI (nominations from the floor) (2 faculty needed)
    D/A Guitron

    IV. New & Continuing Business


    Training and Support for RSI/Online Teaching: Developing a model 

    I/D Woodbury

    Model Syllabus
    Proposed Updates and Next Steps

    I/D Woodbury

    Scholarship Update

    Draft Financial Aid Doc

    D Vilaubi

    Classroom Lecterns

    I/D Woodbury

    Good of the Order

    I All



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    I. Call to Order


    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from November 27, 2023

    Add to the agenda, the need for a part-time rep to attend the DDAC meeting this Friday. 

    • Shagun Kaur moved, Mary Pape seconded to approve both minutes and agenda as amended. No objection.
    • Agenda and minutes approved by unanimous consent.

    Public Comment 

    Mark Landefeld: The Affordable Housing Task Force would like feedback on the pros and cons for the designated De Anza housing site. They have worked out the potentail conflict with the county medical center project. The De Anza housing site will be in parking lot A while the medical center will be in parking B. The two projects could be developed side by side. There are other sites under consideration: one of three possible parking lots at Foothill, the Sunnyvale Center, and the Vallco Development Project. Mark would like to get the feedback by mid January.

    II. Consent Calendar

    No Consent Calendar

    III. Needs and Confirmation

    District and College Needs (Attachment)

    RAPP Executive Secretary (1). They are still looking for a secretary. This is a non-voting member of the Resource Allocation and Program Planning Committee. They meet on Tuesdays from 10am to 11:25am via Zoom.

    J1 Training and Implementation Committee, faculty representative (1). The committee still needs people to facilitate and conduct training in the winter and spring quarters.

    Mary Donahue suggested more information on the positions including who can serve. Full time, full time with tenure, part-time, part-time with REP.

    Confirmations (Attachment)

    Hiring Committee, Articulation Officer, Counseling Faculty Position

    Call for a volunteer from the Senate to fill the last vacant faculty position on this committee. Nomination for Liliana Rivera, Mary Pape seconded.

    • Thomas Ray, Interim AVPI, Chair
    • Erik Woodbury, Chemistry
    • Betty Inoue, Transfer Counseling
    • Sheldon Fields, General Counseling/Transfer
    • Liliana Rivera, Faculty Member 
    • Tracy Chung-Tabangcura, Transfer Services, Classified
    • Mi Chang, Curriculum Office, Classified
    • EO Rep *approved by HR

    Mary Pape moved to approve hiring committee, Felisa Vilaubi seconded, no objections. Hiring committee confirmed.

    Hiring Committee, Interim Vice President of Instruction (Internal)

    (2 faculty needed, nominations from the floor.)

    Erik Woodbury and Felisa Vilaubi volunteered to serve on the committee.

    • Lloyd Holmes President, Committee Chair
    • Erik Woodbury, Academic Senate Representative
    • Felisa Vilaubi, Academic Senate Representative
    • Olga Evert, Classified Senate Representative
    • Mary Medrano, Classified Senate Representative
    • Anita Kandula, Instructional Dean
    • Manisha Karia, Instructional Dean
    • Pam Grey, VP, Administrative Services
    • Marisa Spatafore, AVP, Comm and Ext Relations
    • Rob Mieso, VP, Student Services
    • Justin Schultz, EO Rep *approved by HR

    Mary Pape moved to approve, Sherwin Mendoza seconded. No objections. Committee confirmed.

    DDEAC, District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee  

    Erik Woodbury will represent the Senate. Need a part-time rep to serve on this committee.Mirsaeid Abolghasemi volunteered, Mary Pape seconded. No objection. Mirsaeid Abolghasemi confirmed.

    IV. New & Continuing Business

    Training and Support for RSI/Online Teaching

    The Senate continued its discussion on Online Teaching Training and Support. The shared document Developing a model summarized the previous and ongoing discussions.

    The discussion focused on two areas: 1. Credit for prior learning. 2. Ongoing professional development.

    Currently, there is a 7-hour Introduction to Canvas training for faculty certification to teach online. There was a suggestion to add 8 hours to the initial training to cover the following 4 topics: Regular and Substantive Interaction, Effective Communication and Community Building, Effective Pedagogy, and Accessibility. This falls within the average range of 12-15 hours time accepted across the state. Online faculty will still need more support and guidance. 

    There were discussions on expectations and available resources to keep certified online faculty current and up to date with RSI and accessibility rules and regulations. Someone made references to state guidelines and standards as well as those adopted by other local colleges.

    The following is the summary of the ongoing training discussion :

    • Expected number of “earned credits” per year that are awarded based on participation in local or external workshops 
    • 5 credits per year 
    • 10 credits every 2 years 
    • Mix of in person and synchronous work  
    • Required refresher/update workshop required once every 3 years. Counts toward “earned credits” 
    • “Badging” for trained instructors 
    • Scaffolded approach 

    Marc Coronado:Could we offer some sort of timed temporary amnesty to enable people who are new to De Anza to teach online until they provide proof of prior training, or complete De Anza training? Who is going to be tasked with creating the curriculum and offering the training?  Have we sought their input?

    Thomas Ray: They are forming an online education advisory committee that will include faculty appointed through the academic senate from a variety of disciplines, instructional designers, the faculty coordinator for equity and online education. They bring different expertise which should address different pedagogical approaches needed to create an inclusive voice in developing the training.

    Shagun Kaur: The discussion should address where the college is heading with online teaching to build a structure that helps the faculty to further develop their skills. 

    Cheryl Chapman: The online team is working on different types of training that would work well with a scaffolding approach. There will be a core training with a lot of options to acquire and build on specific skills. In her 20-year experience with online teaching and course certification, the 55 colleges she worked with range from a minimum of 15 to 120 hours.  

    Mary Donahue: FA will need to negotiate this. The Foothill and DeAnza programs need to be similar. Also, what is the consequence of not completing the training?

    Several people expressed interest in looking at the Foothill final proposal. De Anza will continue to work on its program, it could be different from Foothill, but be in alignment as much as possible.

    Proposed Updates and Next Steps for Model Syllabus

    Mary Donahue has been collecting examples and updating items on the current model syllabus.

    Send department or division sample syllabi to Mary Donahue for compilation.

    Anyone interested in being involved with updating the model, please reach out to the officers.

    Scholarship Update

    Felisa Vilaubi presented a draft of the  De Anza Financial Aid Scholarship proposal from the Scholarship committee.

    The committee had shared with the Senate about offering scholarships to support students that don’t traditionally seek out such opportunities.  The scholarships are intended for any De Anza student who is committed to their educational goals and needs monetary help to achieve those goals.

    They are intentional about not having any GPA requirement. As previously discussed they would like the scholarship to help a student do better instead of a scholarship that is merit based.

    The application questions include required questions to determine the level of need as well as optional short answer questions.

    The intention is to remove barriers that made it hard for the nontraditional student to even seek out an opportunity like this.

    The committee proposed 5 scholarships for 2023-2024.  2@ $1,000 and 3@ $500

    The committee will work on the criteria and methods to evaluate the application. Some members would like more information on the application.

    There were discussions on having faculty to identify, nominate, and work with a student on the application.

    Classroom Lecterns Examples

    Tina Lockwood, Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment. They will be replacing the classroom lecterns. She would like feedback on the replacement. The sample lecterns are in the admin classrooms as well as in L34, L35 L36, L 45, L48 and L49. Tina will be ordering the new lecterns in mid-January.

    Good of the Order

    This was Christopher DiLeonardo’s last meeting as Senate representative. He thanked Erik Woodbury and the executive officers for their good work. He has had the good fortune of serving on several other senates on various campuses. This one was very good.

    Erik Woodbury personally thanked Chris for serving this quarter. He closed the meeting with his appreciation for everyone's good work this quarter. Best wishes for the very happiest and restful holiday seasons. See everyone in January.

    Mary Donahue: The De Anza Outdoor Club is starting signups for a weekend winter quarter trip to Yosemite National Park.  Camp or cabin or hotel room.  Cookout or cafeteria or restaurant.  

    Hikes to viewpoints above Yosemite valley or to the top of one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, nature walk with a park ranger, ice skating, rollerblading, biking, climbing, (sometimes the weather is good enough for these) snow sculpture building, snowboarding/skiing (lessons and/or rentals - cheaper lift tickets than Tahoe), ranger naturalist snowshoe walk (snowshoes provided by the park), photo tour that you create the route for, of places to photograph iconic Yosemite landmark.  No experience necessary.

    Lynn Ling, International Student Retention & Communications, put the trip on the ISP calendar. They would like to make it not only an annual Outdoor Club trip, but also an annual event for international students to see the best of California (2024 will be the 34th annual trip). For details:

    And for your own Yosemite vacation, overnight accommodations in Yosemite Valley 

    Yosemite Valley Lodge:

    The Ahwahnee hotel:

    Curry Village tent cabins

    AND you can create your own photo tour of places to photograph iconic Yosemite landmarks

    El Capitan:

    Half Dome:

    Yosemite Falls:

    Bridalveil Falls:

    Staircase Falls:


    Ravjeet Singh motioned, Sherwin Mendoza seconded, to adjourn, no objection.


    In Person

    Erik Woodbury, Patty Guitron, So Kam Lee

    Christopher DiLeonardo, Mary Donahue, Sheldon Fields, Kevin Glapion, Lauren Gordon, Dawnis Guevara, Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa, Shagun Kaur, Sherwin Mendoza, Mary Pape, *Thomas Ray, Liliana Rivera, Christian Rodriguez, Lakshmikanta "LK" Sengupta, Ravjeet Singh, James Tallent, Alex Swanner, Felisa Vilaubi, Jyothsna Viswanadha, Glynn Wallis


    Mirsaeid Abolghasemi, Mark Landefeld, *Lydia Wong


    *Deborah Armstrong, Anna Nguyen, Jayanti Roy, Rachel Silveria

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