General Meeting Information

Date: March 13, 2023
Time: 2:30 - 4:15 p.m.
Location: MLC 255

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online.  To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    *** Subject to change until 2:30pm Friday, Mar. 10, 2023 ***
    I. Call to Order and Report Outs
    2:30-2:35 Welcome  (please complete you report out if you haven't already)

     Approval of agenda and minutes from Mar. 6, 2023

    A Balm, Lee

    Public Comment

    I All
    2:40-3:00 Report outs I/D All
    II. Needs and Confirmations

    College committees - needs

    III. Continuing Business

    Administrative Procedures (APs) to be reviewed in the District Academic and Professional Matters Committee (APM) March 15, 2023 (second read)



    Draft J1s for Administrative and Peer Evaluations from FA

     D/A Balm

    FHDA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (second read)

     D/A Balm

    Budget Advisory Committee proposed co-chairs (second read)

    D/A Balm

    IV. New Business

    4:05-4:15 Paying the part-time faculty rep on Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP) D/A Woodbury
    V. Other Items
    4:15 Good of the Order

    Early adjournment for people heading over to the Recognition of Tenure Recipients

    Congratulations to OUR VERY OWN ANNA NGUYEN, Outreach, and LILIANA RIVERA, Puente Counselor, as well as: 

    • Abeer Alameer, CIS
    • Ashley Flores, Outreach
    • Wil Firmender, Psych Services
    • Melissa Maturino, MPS Counselor
    • Jesus Ruelas, Outreach
    • Chai Saechao, Outreach
    • Fatemeh Yarahmadi, Math
     I/A All

    To request to add an item to the agenda of a future Academic Senate meeting, email by noon on the Wednesday before.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Member  Present   Absent   Member  Present   Absent 

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm - President 

    X   Vernon Gallegos - CA  
    Erik Woodbury - Vice President & Curriculum Chair X   Christian Rodriguez - DALA  
    So Kam Lee - Exec. Secretary X   Anita Vazifdar - DSPS X  
    Mary Donahue - Part-time rep. & FA rep.   Kevin Glapion - DSPS X  
    Salvador Guerrero - Part-time rep  X   Liliana Rivera - E&E X  
    Cecilia Hui - ASLR  X   Carmen Lizardi-Folley - IIS X  
    Dawn Lee - APASA X   Shagun Kaur - LA X  
    Rana Marinas - BHES   X Lauren Gordon - LA  X  
    Jason Bram - BHES  X   Mark Landefeld - PE  X  
    Glynn Wallis - BFSA & EOPS    X Rusty Johnson - PE  
    Mary Pape - BCAT X   Alicia Mullens - PSME  X  
    Tim Harper - CTE    X Ravjeet Singh - SSH X  
    Robert Alexander - Gen. Counseling   Jayanti Roy - SSH X  
    Lisa Castro - Gen. Counseling X   Thomas Ray - Adminstrative Liaison (non-voting) X  
    Felisa Vilaubi - Emb. Counseling X   Deborah Armstrong - Classified Staff rep (non-voting) X  
    Anna Nguyen - Emb. Counseling X   Edith Chan - DASG (non-voting)  


    I. Call to Order and Report Outs


    Cheryl Jaeger Balm reminded representatives to update their report out.

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Mar 6, 2023

    Mary Pape moved, Ravjeet Singh secondeded, to approve both minutes and agenda. No objection.  Agenda and minutes approved by unanimous consent.

    Public Comment 

    • Jayanti Roy:  They were very excited over the notification last Friday that De Anza has been awarded a $1,153,800 CAI (California Apprenticeship Initiative) Grant to support Teacher Assistants in Family Childcare.
    • Cecilia Hui: The library would like faculty input for electronic resources. Survey link
    • Dawn Lee wanted to address some recent news questioning the Academic Senate leadership and decisions. She wanted to say on record that Academic Senate work was done with integrity under the leadership of Cheryl Jaeger Balm in the last several years.
    • Carmen Lizardi-Folley: There will be a World Languages Mixer with games, snacks, music, and prizes. Tuesday, March 14, noon to 1, Village space L-47.

    Report Outs

    See the attached PDF above.  Shagun Kaur requested for the AP/BP 3720 revisions mentioned in the Technology Committee report to be agendized for discussion before the being finalized.

    II. Needs and Confirmations 

    College committees - needs

    Erik Woodbury sent out an email with clarification and brief descriptions for the ASCCC liaison positions. Please communicate to your divisions and areas.  Shagun Kaur proposed attaching a stipend or PGA credit for the positions. That may open up opportunities for adjunct faculty.  The Academic Senate cannot grant PGA credit but has funded stipends. Cheryl Jaeger Balm will bring this back for discussion next meeting. 

    III. Continuing Business

    Administrative Procedures (APs) to be reviewed in the District Academic and Professional Matters Committee (APM) March 15, 2023 (second read)

    Shagun Kaur moved to approve the above AP documents with the suggested changes. Mary Pape seconded. No objection. Documents approved.

    Draft J1s for Administrative and Peer Evaluations from FA

    There were many comments on the J1.A-C draft documents and much discussion in the meeting. Most of the comments in the docs came from the Communication Studies Department. 

    In Number 12, there is a lot of ambiguity in the term “accessible materials". We should make it very specific. “Inclusive” may be a better word choice.  Kathy Perino said the FA legal team has clarified that ADA compliant materials will be required if there is a student that needs accommodation in an 100% face to face class.  For example, if a student in the class requires captioning, every video shown in person, online, or synchronous classes needs to have captions that are not auto generated. 

    In Number 14, “Welcoming environment” needs more clarity.  Cheryl Jaeger Balm suggested that under the asynchronous J1.B, for the length of visit, add a time notation that specifies at least 50 min.

    There was much discussion on the evaluation for mixed modality classes like hybrid. The classes should be evaluated in both modalities and modalities should not be assessed separately. The evaluation instructions should be clearly stated for both modalities.

    Kathy said FA’s next step will be to revise the documents taking into consideration all the comments and feedback.  When the J1s are approved, FA will develop training and a training manual for all faculty and administrative evaluators. There was strong interest to have the negotiated contract be clearly codified and documented. Also, training and training manuals without precise language may have different interpretations and cause confusion for new evaluators in the future.

    Shagun Kaur moved to extend time by 10 minutes, Alicia Mullens seconded. No objections.

    Kathy agreed that the online portion of a hybrid class should be integrated well into the face-to-face portion of the class. Kathy understood the concerns. One requirement for the class may be offered in one modality, while another may be the focus in another. She will bring this back to the team for discussion.

    Drafts were sent to librarians and counseling, respectively for feedback.  FA has received comments.

    Timeline and goals: The negotiation team will review the comments and check with the legal team about the ADA requirements. They will come back to the Academic Senate with new drafts for one more round by the end of April. Upon the ratification of the contract, they will work with the Academic Senate to develop training. Then, FA, the administration and the tenure review coordinators will implement these new tools and start using them in the fall.

    The attached documents in the agenda will be open for comments until Thursday. Continue to contribute feedback to the documents.

    FHDA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (second read)

    The Board will be voting on renewing or removing the Covid vaccination requirement tonight. Therefore, the Academic Senate must vote today and communicate its decision to the Board. 

    DASG took a vote in their meeting last week. The decision was split: 8 to keep the policy as is, 1 to remove it, 7 indifferent. 

    Tim Shively acknowledged that PE and Auto Tech want to remove the vaccination requirement. However, there is a problem with the process. In the last Chancellor’s Advisory Council meeting, Feb 20, three quarters of the room abstained from voting because they needed time to consult their constituencies. The Council members were asked to poll their divisions/areas and bring the information back to the Council for voting. The rush to vote by the Board would circumvent people bringing back information to vote in the Chancellor’s Advisory Council. The Board recently approved a MOU with the unions that any changes to public health policies or procedures must be negotiated with the JLMBC.

    Shagun Kaur moved to table the Academic Senate vote on whether to remove the vaccination requirement. Mary Pape seconded. No objection. Academic Senate vote on the policy tabled.

    Shagun moved that the Academic Senate President should ask the Board not to vote on this policy tonight and follow due process for negotiation as stated in the MOU. Mary Pape seconded.  Motion passed unanimously with 16 votes.

    Budget Advisory Committee proposed co-chairs (second read)

    The level of expertise needed to chair and set the agendas for this committee make it difficult for anyone other than Pam Grey and Martin Varela to lead the meetings. Last week’s proposal was to add Martin as co-chair. This will be one of the only committees without tri-chairs, which were recommended by the Shared Governance Task Force. The Academic Senate had a healthy discussion in the last meeting without strong support.  A proposal for a new structure with two vice-chairs representing faculty and classified professionals, respectively, and two administrative co-chairs, Pam and Martin.

    Erik Woodbury moved to recommend two vice-chairs and two co-chairs for the Budget Advisory Committee, Shagun Kaur seconded. No objection.

    IV. New Business

    Paying the part-time faculty rep on Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP)

    Erik Woodbury moved to table, because this is already covered in the bylaws, Mary Pape seconded. No objection. Motion approved

    IV. Other Items

    Good of the Order

    • Alicia Mullens: Congratulations to those receiving tenure tonight: OUR VERY OWN ANN NGUYEN, Outreach, and LILIANA RIVERA, Puente Counselor, as well as Abeer Alameer, CIS, Ashley Flores, Outreach, Wil Firmender, Psych Services, Melissa Maturino, MPS Counselor, Jesus Ruelas, Outreach, Chai Saechao, Outreach, Fatemeh Yarahmadi, Math


    Mary Pape motioned, Erik Woodbury seconded, to adjourn, no objection.

Zoom Information 

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 885 9620 8992
Passcode: 882821

Phone one-tap: +14086380968,,88596208992#

Voting members attending remotely:

Member Remote location In District?
 Mark Landefeld (PE)   De Anza - PE 51a  Yes
 Cecilia Hui (ASLR)  4270 Pearl Ave, San Jose, CA No
 Salvador Guerrero (PT)  1630 Merrill St, Santa Cruz, CA No
 Kevin Glapion (Couns)  De Anza - RSS 141 Yes
 Lisa Castro (Couns)  580 Coombs St, Napa, CA  No
 Mary Donahue (PT)   De Anza - MLC 243  Yes
 Lauren Gordon (LA)  1024 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA?  No
 Anita Vazifdar (DSS)   1396 La Playa St, San Francisco, CA  No
 Jason Bram (BHES)  3985 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA Yes
 Robert Alexander (Couns)    De Anza - RSS 210 Yes
 Alicia Mullens (PSME)  De Anza - S 48a Yes
 Anna Nguyen (Couns)  20686 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA  


 Liliana Rivera (EE)  20686 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA   Yes

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