General Meeting Information

Date: February 10, 2020
Time: 2:30-4:30
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:35 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from February 3, 2020 Meeting A Chow, All
    2:35 - 2:45 Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action) I All


    • Police Chief's Advisory Board Meeting Feb. 4, 2:30-3:30 in Altos Room, FH 
    • Guided Pathways Core Team
    • Noncredit Ad-Hoc Committee in process of reviewing a Non-Credit Plan that will eventually come to Academic Senate for review 
    • Campus Planning Committee 
    I/D Chow, Pape, others

    Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management (CSEM) Academic Senate Task Force

     I/D  Tarikh

    Standing Committee updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
    • Equity Action Council (EAC)
    • Curriculum Committee

    Representatives from committees


    Needs and Confirmations

    I/D/A Pape
    3:45 - 3:55

     Academic Senate Model Syllabus update (2nd reading)

    I/D/A  Pape, Lee Tu
    3:55 - 4:05

    Good of the Order



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Minutes for February 10. 2020

    I. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from February 3, 2020 Meeting

    • Agenda approved.
    • Karen requested an amendment to the agenda, to add the Treasurer’s Report after Public Comment. Susan moved, Erik seconded, 17, all approved.
    • Karen: Reminder, draft minutes and final minutes from previous meeting are published on the Academic Senate website. Any edit request to minutes draft? No requests.

    Minutes approved.

    II. Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    • Mary S distributed flyers on De Anza Blood Drive, next Wednesday, Feb 19, 8 am to 6 pm, Conference Rooms A & B.
    • Mary D: anyone who has donated before would have received notifications about the severe local blood shortage; local counties have been importing blood from outside; contact Mary S with questions; save lives with donations.
    • Karen: New Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities has been announced. Pending board approval, Dr. Elvin T. Ramos is slated to start April 1, 2020. Dr. Ramos is the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and a member of the teaching faculty in the Humanities, at the University of the District of Columbia Community College. Karen shared some background information on Dr. Ramos and commented on his Interdisciplinary teaching experience.
    • Mary D asked Karen to forward the information on the new dean.
    • Karen will forward what Thomas has shared from Lorrie Ranck with Academic Senate Executive Committee since Lorrie told her she will remind the deans to send out the information to their divisions.
    • Bob S asked Rusty about his shift at the Yes on G&H phone bank last Sunday. Rusty: there were about 10-15 people; he spent about 2 hours and called about 150 people; people he talked to were mostly positive, some are still undecided; Rusty and Bob S recommend people go over to the campaign office and get trained; once trained, one can log in and call from anywhere.

    III. Treasurer’s Report

    • Mary P distributed the account summary, with the end balance as of 2/6/2020; explanation on some of the expense items; people should forward questions to Mary.
    • Susan asked about the IEPI (Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative) workshops.
    • Mary: The California Community Colleges (CCC) sponsors all sorts of workshops; Ishmael and Patricia Del Rio attended the Strategic Enrollment Management Workshop in the Fall.
    • Mary will be making a visit this Thursday to Cuyamaca College in an IEPI  PRT (Partnership Resource Team) team as part of the visiting team on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments.

    IV. Updates

    • Police Chief's Advisory Board Meeting Feb. 4, 2:30-3:30 in Altos Room, FH
      • Bob S was not able to attend the meeting.
      • Karen had a conversation with Chief Acosta about the key delay issues; the police chief was not aware of the backlog situation; there is a staff shortage, communications has not been timely.
      • Explanation of the key process: currently, there are two different kinds of keys, the hard key and the plastic card key. For the hard keys, there are only 1/1/2 to 2 people that can fill those requests; the electronic, plastic keys are being subcontracted. Staff are being pulled into working on the district building. He is looking into contracting with another company to get them done faster. He is not sure on the timing.
      • When the division assistant puts in a request, if it is not done in 2 week, the assistant should follow up with Sally Gore, Pam Grey, and Chief Acosta.
      • Mary, Thomas, and Karen expressed concern about key requests taking longer than 2 weeks.
      • Erik: it is a safety hazard and unprofessional, when new hires, full and part-time, do not get keys to the classrooms and the labs. PSME has been faced with this issue for some time.  Why is there not a supply of D44 classroom keys in stock?
      • Mary S: the new D44 key has a specific number that identifies that key to the person it has been issued.
      • Shagun: in the past, part-timers were given keys to full-time offices; now, they are not granted access to these offices.
      • More questions on keys: what happened to the fob keys. They are being phased out.
      • Dawn reported on the Advisory Committee meeting. The committee is working on website updates with help from ETS, to put in information, policies, and procedures. There will be active assailant training; she will send information to Karen.  The committee had detailed discussion on AB392, and will revisit in next meeting, Tues, 3/17; 2:30 to 3:30, MCC.
      • Bob S asked about the location of the complaint form in the new website and date for publication. There are no details yet.

    • Guided Pathways
      • The core team has been meeting 2 times a month; working on meta major groupings; look at how other colleges display and present their meta majors. For example, Lake Tahoe Community College uses some verbs to guide students to explore majors. The team has been working on sample headers and verbs; the next step is to get student inputs, to see if they could identify with the verbs with what they are seeking.  Try to get inputs from students in different groups.
      • Shagun: are they related to ICC? What is the purpose of those verbs; Karen: to help students who are exploring, to guide them; are counselors being consulted?  Karen mentioned counselors, including Patty Burgos, Erick Aragon, Felisa Vilaubi, are  working on Guided Pathways; Mary P wrote/shared  “Program Mapper,” (can Google this) a Bakersfield College site for people to check out to see how it displays degree and certificate course pathways and metamajors.  Guided Pathways will have more target work groups.
      • Noncredit Ad-Hoc Committee
        • The committee is in the process of reviewing a Non-Credit Plan that will eventually come to Academic Senate for review and approval; the committee has not yet met as a complete group; there is a question about how to list them in the catalogue.
      • Campus Planning Committee
        • CCC is working on a master plan; committee discussion on the allocation of the SEA (Student Equity Allocation) funds; questions about where those funds are going; funds has been going to hiring counselors; the committee is looking at those expenditures; and will come up with a process to handle other requests; the funds is about $1 million; about 25% is available for allocation; discussing allocation process; come up with a rubric on how to allocate and to check on progress; help college meet educational goals and reach target groups, like equity, decrease student success gap, etc.

    V. Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management (CSEM) Academic Senate Task Force

    • CSEM (Ishmael, Patrica Del Rio, and Pauline Wethington) met with Acting Vice President of Instruction Lorrie Ranck on Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020.
    • Ishmael described the meeting as candid, cordial, but largely unproductive with no commitment to any of CSEM's 3 stated objectives, nor any prospect for progress in future discussions.
    • The 3 CSEM objectives are:
    • 1) an invitation for Administration participation in CSEM efforts to boost enrollment at De Anza;
    • 2) a request for consideration of a pilot program regarding class cancellations;
    • 3) Administration support for development of a Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan for De Anza College - specifically, "buy in" for application to enlist the assistance of the California Community Colleges Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Partnership Resource Team (PRT).
    • The Administration continues to stand behind the current class cancellation policy with focus on attendant “productivity.” Lorrie did share more anecdotal information to explain how certain classes are cut.
    • Ishmael brought the discussion to the 98 sections cancelled for Winter quarter 2020. Lorrie at first claimed that 99% of the students managed to enroll in another class or section.  That claim was revised to 86% by the Census.
    • On Objective 3, to apply for enrollment assistance from IEPI; it is clear that CSEM will not get the necessary Administration “buy-in”; when Ishmael pointed out that this is essential, Lorrie encouraged CSEM to seek “buy-in” from department chairs”; looks like a “chicken-and-egg” situation; No Department Chairs are going to be serious or supportive without CSEM's ability to tout Administrative "buy-in" up front.
    • CSEM continues to ask questions about De Anza’s enrollment plan, the answer has been very vague. At this meeting; there is no acknowledgement of an enrollment problem.  Every time enrollment decline is mentioned, the answer focuses on the great “Productivity” numbers.
    • Ishmael does not believe anything could be done this academic year. There is too much flux, or potential flux in leadership to expect any real progress on CSEM’s goals/objectives.
    • CSEM will not be able to accomplish what it sets out to do. Ishmael will schedule a meeting with all members to decide how to go forward. Ishmael suggested that the Task Force generate either a Final Report or an Executive Summary to document what has been done and have something to rely on for the future.
    • The current environment has been trying; perhaps with new leadership, there could be a more collaborative beginning. Looking toward future efforts with new Administrative leadership, perhaps...there will be another iteration of CSEM.
    • Mary D: can we get data for cancelled classes, what were the numbers and when were the classes cancelled; does one dean apply the cancellation policy differently from another dean.
    • Ishmael: administrators should be flexible when making such decisions; CSEM has no problems gaining access to enrollment data; however, he questions the reliability of the data.
    • An example of issues on data and when one should be more flexible about cancelling courses. Enrollment has been on constant decline; there are many factors for the decline; enrollment is down but productivity has gone up; everyone is trying to do better for De Anza; there are challenges, perhaps need to do something differently.
    • Susan: Get objective 2 the pilot program in place for spring 2020; generate report, get administration support; Ishmal; we need help.
    • Pilot program: let some courses under 20 to go beyond the cancellation date, and see if they will make; although, it may not make even financially; what is driving the early cancellation, classes need not only to make, but need to break even.
    • Some departments may be willing to take the chance
    • De Anza’s brand has been harmed.
    • Mary S: is online more efficient?
    • Ishmael: Foothill over 50% online; De Anza 22%; online education is less effective.
    • There’s a potential to apply for having an IEPI Partnership Resource Team which can give consultation on enrollment management and other strategies.

    VI. Standing Committee updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
      • extend DASB senators election application to Thursday, Feb 13; $12,000 donation to Measure G and H.
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
      • This Tuesday’s agenda: Viability meeting outcomes for Music and Paralegal; report on Strong Work Force budget from CTE Dean Randy Bryant.
      • Mary D: minutes has been behind; Mary P will answer questions; will advocate getting get minutes more promptly.
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
      • No report.
    • Equity Action Council (EAC)
      • No report.
    • Curriculum Committee
      • 2 weeks ago committee moved into the new format; only 20% of the initiators has had to come; if the committee has questions, it is important for them to come; otherwise, there will be delays; this has been productive; advisory team meeting has been discussing issues with cross-listed courses; especially courses cross-listed with departments without full-time faculty in that area; should deans take charge of the process?
      • Mary D asked about dates for revision deadline and for the start of the new computer system.
      • Erick: firm deadline 5/8; new computer system will be in place  winter 2021; 2021 revision deadline, late April-early May.

    VII. Needs and Confirmations

    • Tenured Faculty Hiring Committee - Automotive Technology (2 positions)
      • Moaty Fayek, William Wishart, Richard Maynard, Lawrence Pete Vernazza, Dave Capitolo, Manisha Karia, Shagun Kaur (EO rep)
      • Mary S moved, Erik seconded, confirmed.
    • Tenured Faculty Hiring Committee - Nursing (3 positions)
      • Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Sherri Cozzens, Patricia Williams, Jason Bram, Anna Miller, Susan Thomas (EO rep)
      • Mary S moved, Mary D seconded, confirmed.
    • Tenured Faculty Hiring Committee - F/TV
      • Daniel Smith, Milena Grozeva-Levy, Susan Tavernetti, Elizabeth Mjelde, EO rep TBD.
      • Mary D asked about pay for part-time rep. serving on hiring committees.
      • Mary S moved, Susan seconded, confirmed.
    • Hiring Committee - Psychology
      • Thomas Ray, Shannon Hassett, Mark Healy, Steve Nava, Alma Garcia (EO rep) 
      • Mary S moved, Terrence seconded, confirmed.


    VIII. Academic Senate Model Syllabus update (2nd reading)

    • Discussion on the attendance policy.  Attendance can not be factored into the grade; Thomas: attendance not a gradable part of the course. Mary D uses participation; Thomas stressed the need to measure how well they performed in an activity; suggested gathering some “best practices” across campus.  Request for suggested wording for grading in class participation.
    • Dawn will draft and send out some suggested languages.
    • Shagun is not comfortable with asking students to turn off cell phones; should have some language about electronic devices; Terence asks students to put phones away unless they are used for class.  Susan: put a bracket on cell phone policies.
    • Mary D has collaborated on a sample syllabus; have received input for a lot of different possibilities. 
    • Terrence pointed out the conflicting, contradictory language on academic honesty; Ishmael: since it is on the De Anza website, this is what students will read. 
    • Thomas: the grade cannot go beyond zero on the offended assignment; teacher may report student; the conflicting statement takes into account the possible outcome of the student being expelled, then, the student does not complete and fails the course.
    • Karen: we have the policy on academic honesty, but what are the consequences?
    • Mary D: in online classes, some students have the same answers in tests (example: many students answering 15 questions in 1 minute) and submitted identical papers. If reported on Advocate are they at risk of being kicked out of the college? 
    • Shagun shared that as an international student, she was told that copying was fine; have compassion, use it as a teachable moment; use your judgment as a teacher; it could be a lack of knowledge; the student may have come from a different educational system.
    • Dawn: the model syllabus provides a general guideline.

    IX. Good of the Order

    • Daniel shared FA retreat overview.  Jeff Michaels explained the relationship between FA and other unions; Ray Breman discussed the difference and relations between AB897 and AB777, next retirement workshop is in April; Former FA president, Rich Hansen explained the FON faculty obligation, faculty can demand raises, but not necessary; Peter Landsberger and Bruce Swenson reported on Measures G and H; Robert J Bezemeh, labor lawyer, discussed labor lab, provided background and history regarding arbitration; Evan Hawkins, FACC, legislative recap on 706, 595, 943, 500, 897, 500, 897, 777; and talked about the SCPFF and budget highlights. Nicole Grey presented “Know what is not in your contract.”
    • Mary D: first contact union with grievances; administrator can and will read our email.
    • Ishmael: AB897 changes the percentage. 
    • Dawn: Tips and Tricks for Outlook for Faculty, Thursday, 2/20, 12-1 pm, MLC 243 (Faculty Computer Lab).
    • Karen: Support the 2/27 Lunar New Year Luncheon, 25th anniversary; funds go toward 2 student scholarships.
    • Mary S moved, Terrence seconded, to adjourn, no objection.
    Name Position Present
     Karen Chow-   President
    Mary Pape Vice President 
    So Kam Lee Notetaker/Secretary (F19)
    Ishmael Tarikh-PT    Representss part-time faculty  
    Mary Donahue - PT   Represents part-time faculty  
    Vacancy  Applied Technologies  
    Pete Vernazza   Applied Technologies  ✔
    Bob Kalpin  Biological, Health & Environmental Sciences ✔ 
    Anna Miller  Biological, Health & Enviromental Sciences  
     Vacancy  Business, Computer Science  
     Mary Pape  Business, Computer Science  ✔
     Vacancy  Creative Arts  
     Ilan Glasman Creative Arts   ✔
     Nellie Vargas  Child Development  
    Betty Inoue  Counseling ✔ 
    Barb Dahlke  Counseling  ✔
    Anita Vazifdar  Disability Support Program & Services  ✔
    Kevin Glapion  Disability Support Program & Services  
    So Kam Lee  Intercultural/International Studies  ✔
    Marc Coronado (W20 & S20) -- ICS/IIS   Intercultural/International Studies  
    Terrence Mullens  Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering ✔ 
    Lisa Mesh  Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering ✔ 
    Shagun Kaur  Language Arts ✔ 
    Julie Wilson  Language Arts ✔ 
    Susan Thomas  Social Studies & Humanities  
    Daniel Solomon  Social Studies & Humanities ✔ 
    Louise Madrigal   Physical Education & Athletics  
    Rusty Johnson  Physical Education & Athletics ✔ 
    Tom Dolen  Tom Dolen  
    Mary Sullivan  Student Development  ✔
    Cynthia Kaufman – Equity and Engagement   Equity & Engagement  
    Erik Woodbury - Curriculum Committee  Curriculum Committee  ✔

    Guests Present (✔)

    Name Position Present
     Thomas Ray Administrative Representative  
    Paige Wallace DASB Representative
    Bob Stocwell Faculty Association ✔ 
    Christina Espinosa-Pib Interim De Anza President  
    Rob Miesa VP of Student SErvices  
    Lorrie Ranck Actin VP of Instruction  
    Pam Grey Interim VP of Administrative Services  
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs  
    Marisa Spatafore Associate VP of Communications & External Relations  
    Stephanie Serna Classified Senate President  
     Genevieve Kola  De Anza Student Trustee  
     Mallory Newell-  Institutional Research  
    Moaty Fayek Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems  
    Renee Augenstein Articulation Officer  
    Mary Bennett Tenure Review Coordinator  
    Daniel Smith Dean of Creative Artstez  
    Alicia Cortez Dean of Equity and Engagement  
    Randy Bryant Dean Isaac Escotoreer & Technical Education (CTE)  
    Isaac Escoto Foothill Academic Senate President  
    Mary Pape FHDA District Academic Senate President
    Pam Grey Associate VP of College Operations  
    Laureen Balducci Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator  
    Anita Kandula Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences  
     Michele LeBleu-Burns Dean of Student Development/EOPS  
    Lisa Mandy Director of Financial Aid  
    Nazy Gayloyan Dean of Enrollment Services  
    Edmundo Norte Dean of Intercultural/International Studies  
    Jerry Rosenberg Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering  
    Judy Miner FHDA Chancellor  
    Dawn Lee Tu Faculty Director of Office of Professional Development  ✔
    VACANCY Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities  
    Patrick Director, Book Store  
    David Ulate FHDA Research & Planning         
    Mae Lee Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair  

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