Meet Our Team

Michelle HernandezMichelle Hernandez, M.S.A. 

Dean, Equity and Engagement Division

Michelle is a passionate servant-leader with more than 20 years of experience in higher education. She is committed to creating conditions that matter to students through collaboration, innovation, equity-minded practices, data-informed decisions, and strategic planning.   

Adriana Garcia 

Program Coordinator, Office of Equity

Adriana has helped developed or supported the community efforts dedicated to workers and immigrant rights campaigns and womyn wellness through a human rights and social justice lens. She has had the honor of doing this work locally in the South Bay and around the world. She also upholds international solidarity with local people‚Äôs movements such as police brutality, gender equity, racial justice and environmental justice, especially when it involves art and cultura for the people. She loves living life as an artist, but the role she has been most humbled by has been the role as a conscious working mother of color to her sun.  

Student Interns Spring Quarter 2024

The Interns!

Please meet our student interns who are dedicated to creating a sense of belonging, creating visibility on equity dreaming, and expressing their solidarity with at promise students and the departments that support them! Get to know them during office hours at MLC250 and or our events campus wide.


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