Science (Biology and Chemistry) Exam

The Assessment Center offers a Science (Biology & Chemistry) Exam which, if passed, allows students to test out of the lower-level biology and chemistry prerequisites for CHEM 1A, BIOL 6A and BIOL 40A.

We recommend that you speak to your counselor before requesting access to the online science exam to determine if you need CHEM 1A, BIOL 6A or  BIOL 40A for your educational goals.

Use this online contact form to request access to the online science exam.

Biology 40A, Biology 6A and Chemistry 1A Exam

Science Exam Overview

This exam, if passed with a score of 29 or higher out of 44, allows students to enroll directly into:

Biology 40A: Human Anatomy & Physiology

Biology 6A: Form & Function in the Biological World*

Chemistry 1A: General Chemistry

Students that have taken, or are currently enrolled, in the Biology 40A or Biology 6A prerequisite courses at Foothill or De Anza do not need to take this exam.

*Effective 7/9/2020 - The De Anza Biology 40A Exam is used to place students into Biology 6A & Chemistry 1A. If you previously took the Biology 40A exam and now you'd like to considered for a Biology 6A or Chemistry 1A clearance, submit your request using our Contact Form.

Foothill students:

  • De Anza's Biology & Chemistry exam is not transferable to Foothill.

  • If you wish to enroll in Bio40A or Bio6A or Chem1A at De Anza after completing the course's prerequisite at Foothill, you should submit a prerequisite clearance form to the Evaluations Department once your course grade has been posted.

Science Exam Study Guide

Science Exam Eligibility & Retest Policy

Am I eligible for the exam?

Students who have not yet enrolled in the BIO40A or BIO6A or CHEM1A course prerequisites are eligible to attempt the exam.

Test results do not expire.

When can I retake the exam?

Students who take this exam, and do not enroll in CHEM 30A, 25 or 1A or BIO40A or BIO6A at De Anza, are eligible for one (1) retest after six (6) months of earning their first exam result.

This means that you're not eligible for a retest if

  • You have enrolled in the course's prerequisite

  • You have earned a W, D, F or I grade in Chemistry or Biology at De Anza or Foothill.

  • If it has been less than six months since your initial exam.

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