De Anza College's Psychology Department provides one of the best, two-year transfer preparations in the U.S. and has done so since 1967.

Professor Frank Savage was the original, long-time Department Chair. Professor Mark Healy has been the Chair since 2021 and is supported by full-time Professors Shannon Hassett and Susan Thomas, as well as a host of fantastic well-trained, part-time specialists (see our faculty section) that have made this dynamic department what it is today.

The diverse course offerings are anchored by a solid foundation in methodolgy, experimental research and design (see, Psych. 2, 3, 8 and 60) and quanitative analysis (Psych. 15). The Psychology Department has a wide range of offerings from Psychobiology (Psych. 24) to the clinical areas with: Introduction to Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Personality Theory, Humanistic Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment and Personal Relationships and Psychology of Women.

Our commitment to community involvement has been long standing with a wide range of Psychology Internships (Psych. 64 xyz 1-4 units).The Psychology Department has a fully functional Laboratory where Psychology 2 students conduct experiments in everything from animal and human classical and operant conditioning, human perception memory and cognition, social psych research to brain anatomy and physiology. The Psych. Lab is also a wireless computer lab with all the resource access.

Contact Mark Healy, Chair of Psychology, for more information:

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