Page 24 - De Anza College Online Graduation Celebration Program 2021
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 College Deans
Laureen Balducci, M.S., Counseling and Disability Support Programs and Services Sam Bliss, M.A., Community Education
Randy Bryant, M.Ed., Career Technical Education and Workforce Development Alicia Cortez, M.A., Equity and Engagement
Moaty Fayek, Ed.D., Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies Nazy Galoyan, M.A, Enrollment Services
Michele LeBleu-Burns, Ed.D., Student Development and EOPS/CARE
Eric Mendoza, M.A., Physical Education and Athletics
Anita Muthyala-Kandula, MBBS, Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences Edmundo Norte, Ed.M., Intercultural/International Studies
Elvin T. Ramos, D.A., Social Sciences and Humanities
Thomas Ray, Ph.D., Language Arts
Jerry Rosenberg, M.S., Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering Daniel Smith, M.F.A., Creative Arts
College Directors
Yvette Campbell, Ph.D., STEM Success Program Patrick Gannon, B.S., Campus Center Naoko Harada, M.A., Child Development Center Jennifer Mahato, B.A., College Operations Lisa Mandy, B.S., Financial Aid and Scholarships Rosafel Nogra, DNP, Student Health Services Jorge Rodriguez, A.S., Operations Martin Varela, B.A., College Fiscal Services

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