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Date: December 4, 2019
Time: 1 - 3 p.m.

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    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1 p.m. Potluck
    2 p.m. State Equity Plan Update Report I Alicia Cortez
    2:30 p.m. Presidential Search Input I Melissa Aguilar
    2:45 p.m. Announcements & Appreciations I Edmundo Norte

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

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    Present: Edmundo Norte, Melissa Aguilar, Angelica Esquivel Moreno, Mylinh Pham, Deborah Taylor, Carmen Lizardi Folley, Cynthia Kaufman, Jennifer Garcia, Fatima Cervantes.

    Guests: Claudia Guzman, Andrew Phelps, Hyon Chu Yi Baker,

    Meeting Notes


    3 minute Meditation led by Edmundo Norte

    Pair share

    State Equity Plan Update Report - port linked here

    The State Equity Plan Update Report we submitted back in the Spring 2019 was needed as anan update in regards to metrics for our equity goals. It was driven by data and the feedback was incorporated into the report. We were looking at these items

    1. Access Enrollment
    2. Retention
    3. Completion of math and transferable classes
    4. Transfer to a Four-Year University
    5. Completion of Transfer-Level English and Math

    Areas to measure this year - projects that are already work in progress

    • Targeted groups - they have the largest gap for this year
      • African – American females and male
      • Latinx Female and Male
      • Foster youth males and females,
      • LGBTQQI
    • Conferences
      • We know that every year the outreach office does several outreach conferences,
      • We will use this outreach events and targeting African American males and females,
      • We want to increase the gap between high school students coming to conferences and actually enrolling to De Anza
    • Mallory talked to Erick Aragon and with Michelle Lebleu Burns
    • The completion of English and Math, the next Winter 2020 quarter, where we will have SSRS Math 10 students, more intentional kind of planning
    • We will add to the area of challenges, some of the issues students are facing like domestic violence and have to address how it connects to the metrics. In addition to other issues such as housing and transportation.
    • We will look at the evaluation of AB705 as well
    • API- specifically the Filipino student populations, one of the challenges with the ANAPISI grant has been hiring a tenure track position, there was 5 counselors in the duration of the 5 year grant, which is a huge turnover
    • We need to work at drilling down and desegregating the data. There are requests at the state level to start doing that since they have doing so already for a few years.

    Presidential Search Input

    There is a request to 1) Extend deadline, 2) promote on the De Anza College website, home pageand 3) and sent via the Equity Newsletter. There is also a request to ask for EAC to ask the district chancellor, Judy Miner, to extend the survey deadline.

    We can do outreach by forwarding flyer via eac and by printing flyers. It is important for DASB to participate in the student focus surveys. Hyon Chu will reach out to DASB senate while Angelica will reach out to students. We can consult Becky Bartindaleon how to do the widest outreach from the district office. Another recommendation for outreach is for professors to allow time in their classes to conduct survey. Maybe the campus newspaper, La Voz can do a cover page on the topic.

    Let’s follow up with Judy immediately if we can extend the deadline for the survey. In case she does not extend the deadline then we flyer at the classrooms and/or at minimum send a text to students and place a website banner.

    One question brought up is why is DASB the only ones to participate in the student focus group? And to answer that question, the challenge was in the logistics, the consultant only had 24 laptops to do the online survey. Another questions brought up was “Is there options in regards to characteristics we would like to see in the President?”More so, what if students don’t know what the president of the college does in their day to day work.

    Tech tools available to fill out the survey using Canva, iPad, Phone.

    VIDA + HEFAS Programming
    • VIDA event: Vegan dessert demo class by a current student
    • High school network to support undocumented students and unaccompanied minors through a 2 days training hosted by SCCOE Feb 11-12, 2020
    • Applied for a grant to the census and if VIDA gets it, then we can hire 30 students from all 7 community colleges hosted by VIDA at $30 an hour. The census is April 30, 2020.
    • Certificated Leadership and Social Change mandatory
    • Students Voices for Change in Spring 2020 partnering with DASB for Fri May 1st 2020
    • UndocuAlly Dates are already scheduled for Winter 2020


    Conferences coming up by the Office of Outreach

    • 6: African American High School Student Conference
    • March 6: Latino High School Student Conference – 1
    • March 11: Filipino/Southeast Asian High School Student Conference
    • March 20: Latino High School Student Conference – 2

    Save the Date

    • Global Issues Conference in March 2020
    • Victor Rios event is on Dec 5 2019, 1:30pm at Conference Rm A + B
    • Robert Alexander, author speaker event, on Wed. Dec 4 2019 at 430pm at Euphrat Museum of Art

    Announcements – Cont’d

    Looking for a Committee to help with SJCC event: Andrew will send description

    Data report sent out to EAC titled “LeftOut” which came out on March 2018.

    There is 8 full time positions that may open at De Anza College.

    IPBT is looking at the program reviews, anywhere there was a request for full time positions, then they are being reviewed, there was a list of 40 of faculty requests.

    In our division there is about four positions including Office of Equity, African American/African Ancestry services, SSRS, and AAPI/Impact.

    SSHS has the most part time sections out of all 3 divisions i.e. LA AND BHME, has a higher seat count

    DASB is working on having students serve in this committees without having to be in DASB senate member. Also, so that shared governances and committee meetings are not lacking on student voices

    Thuy, the president at Foothill College is decreasing shared governances and increasing student participation by 50%

    It is important to look at the best needs at different sectors of the campus both at the instruction side and at the student services side.

    SJCC has a model for student participation


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