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Date: January 24, 2019
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Conocimiento and Check In Introduction Edmundo Norte and Alicia Cortez
    1:35 p.m. EAC Handbook materials I/D Tony Santa Ana
    2:00 p.m. Guided Pathways Presentation I/D/A Karen Chow and Mallory Newell
    2:30 p.m. Selection of Tri-Chairs and EAC representation request I Edmundo Norte and Alicia Cortez
    2:45 p.m. Equity Updates across campus


    2:50 p.m.
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    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

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    Sherwin Mendoza, Tony Santa Ana, Alicia Cortez, Edmundo Norte, Melissa Aguilar, Dawn Lee Tu, Adriana Garcia, Karen Chow, Cecilia Hui, Daniel Acosta, Steffani Djuarsa, Mylinh Pham, Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Carmen Lizardi-Folley, Rebeca Levin, Angelica Esquivel, Amy Leonard, Sandy Cardoza, Erick Aragon

    Meeting Notes

    Conocimiento and Check In

    Meditation by Edmundo Norte

    Group Photo

     Career Pathway
    1. Presentation by Karen Chow – Powerpoint Presentation
    2. Faculty Member, English Department
    3. President, Academic Senate
    4. Have presented in Counseling In Service workshop and Classified Senate,
    5. Hoping to instill faculty leadership per state encouragement
    6. De Anza Mission Statement –Reaffirmed in Spring 2018
    7. What does De Anza mean to you? Community * education * equity * opportunity. Hope to use then as shared guidance values, aka Values that can guide guided pathways
    8. Grant is $330K over the next 5 year
    9. Core team is made up of classified staff, faculty, administrators,
    10. Example of 3 year timeline 2015-2018,
      1. 13% students received degree
      2. 29% students transferred
      3. 50% students did not meet academic goals
    11. Actualizing DA Mission and Vision into 2 parts and 4 pillars
    12. Winter quarter timelines
      1. Share concept with campus community
      2. Dig deeper at Feb 22 convocation
      3. Use feedback to implement campus model from collab teams and then set goals and outcomes by summer
      4. Work with collab team to design our guided pathways model throughout 2018-2019
    13. How can I get involved – see website at we are seeing
    14. Invite students at Feb 22 9am-11:15am, focus group and 11:15-12pm lunch
    15. Develop student centered space and questions
    16. Multifunctional –Systems
    17. Alicia grounded us that this process is looking at institutional barriers, where do students get stuck and how do we dismantle some of those. Danny gave testimony of this experience as a student. Melissa suggests categorizing majors under career umbrellas. Mallory will be supporting by aggregating data from each department

    EAC Handbook Materials
    1. Inclusive and campus wide work, we want to recognize folks that cannot be in shared governance formal roles that they can participate in EAC. We want to help with the language and expectations through binders with sections About, Roles, and Equity Lens.
    2. We currently have 2 faculty, 2 students, 2 classified, and 1 at large is Danny Acosta, our chief of police. We will bring in shared governance “vocabulary” and wan to see this is a training ground to encourage campus members to participate in other shared governance spaces. We will add things as we go along, as this is a work in progress
    3. We will set up a canvas website to download these documents in soft copy format and can have access to this.

    Selection of Tri Chairs and EAC representation requests
    1. Looking for EAC Reps
      1. Administrator Representative in the Student Services
      2. Tri Chair
      3. Classified
      4. Adriana will email call for reps with role descriptions
    2. Call for Tech Committee members- Chair: Marissa Spatafore
      1. Serves as an advisory group on tech master plan
      2. Discuss tech plan and evaluate goals, accessibility and other issues. Next meeting Thurs Feb 7th Time + Location TBA
      3. Self-nominated- Sandy Cordoza
    3. Call for Staff and revitalization Funds SubCommittee – Edmundo and Dawn
      1. Whenever you want to travel for conference funds
      2. In reduced budget times, how do we maximize the resources that we have, how do we get the most yield of what we plant.
      3. Looking for subcommittee members – NCORE applications with equity lens
      4. Dawn has provided a rubric
      5. Follow up with Edmundo or dawn for interests
      6. If you are going to NCORE then you cannot be in subcommittee
      7. Danny Acosta self-nominated
      8. Adriana Garcia is self-nominated

    Equity Champion Award Committee, Equity Updates across campus
    1. Call for Equity Champions Committee – Chair: Adriana Garcia
      1. Role
        1. Develop Criteria
        2. Review Applications
      2. Hyon Chu Yi-Baker and Erick Aragon self-nominated
    2. Newsletter – Developed by Office of Equity Interns
    3. Student Equity Certification
      1. Collab with EO, VIDA, JMRR,MOC, Outreach
      2. 4 hrs a month 10-12 students
      3. Equity frameworks, participation action research, shared governance grooming, supplemented what the IR si already doing. Present data and using it as a step to advance equity on campus
      4. Refer students to Tony
    4. Laura Savage is our new district equity director of
      1. EAC is co-sponsoring meet and greet
    5. In our attempt to serve evening students, hosting evening event, MIA Film Documentary, international hip hop musician and MC, Thurs Jan 31st 5-8pm at VPAC
    6. Counseling Services open Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 7pm
    7. Coffee with a Cop and the Chancellor, on Tues. February 5, 2019 2-4pm
    8. African American Empowerment High School Conference on Wed. Feb 6 8:30am-1:30pm at VPAC
    9. DASB General Election – all positions are open, please refer to Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    1. Thank you for supporting his positions as chief of staff, Daniel Acosta
    2. Appreciate the information from Karen Chow
    3. Karen chow thank you for community

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