2022-2023 DASG Senate

Below you will find the current DASG Senate Members' basic information.

  • Officers

    Amy Huang | She/Her/Hers

    • Major: Business Economics, Management
    • Home Town: Beijing, China and Cupertino, CA
    • Hobbies: Photography, roller skating, watering my plants
    • Goals at De Anza: Nurture a positive and healthy work environment, grow with others. Most importantly, leave this world a little better than how I found it :)
    • Why I Joined DASG: Giving back to the community that had helped me has always been one of my goals. I am committed to bringing awareness to resources available, and continue working with administration to provide for students' needs.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Finance, Elections
    • Contact: dasgpresident@fhda.edu
    Amy Huang

    Jenny Trinh | She/Her/Hers
    Vice President

    • Major: Computation and Cognitive Science
    • Home Town: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: Painting, paddle-boarding, crochet, playing games, watching movies and anime, and going to concerts/festivals!
    • Goals at De Anza: My goals at De Anza are to promote and engage students into all fields of leadership and involvement, thus helping to sustain De Anza's mission of being a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment for learning and growing.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG because I fell in love with the strong community and wanted the opportunity to continue to work amongst some of the most driven and passionate student leaders on campus. I knew that I have a great chance of making an impact for the betterment of De Anza and CCC's, using DASG as an avenue for these goals.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Finance, Elections
    • Contact: dasgvicepresident@fhda.edu
    Jenny Trinh

    TJ Chang | He/Him/His
    Chair of Finance

    • Major: Business Economics
    • Home Town: Taipei, Taiwan
    • Hobbies: Basketball, Golf, Movie, and Music
    • Goals at De Anza: To achieve my career goals, and prepare for my future.
    • Why I Joined DASG: To improve the De Anza Student campus life and to dedicate myself to the campus.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Finance
    • Contact: dasgfinance@fhda.edu
    TJ Chang

    Alysa Ngo | She/Her/Hers
    Chair of Student Services & Feedback

    • Major: Business Economics
    • Home Town: Fremont, CA
    • Hobbies: Whenever I have free time, I like to hangout with my friends, go shopping, go on little adventures and on runs/walks. I also love to read and watch movies!
    • Goals at De Anza: To transfer to with an associate degree in liberal arts
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG because I felt that I wanted to make a bigger impact at De Anza. I have always been passionate about serving my communities, and just wanted to further extend that to my school. I decided to chair Student Services and Feedback because it allows students' voices to be heard and helps provide students with resources to better their time at De Anza!
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Student Services & Feedback, Elections
    • Contact: dasgssf@fhda.edu
    Alysa Ngo

    Jessica Lukius | She/Her/Hers
    Chair of Marketing & Communications

    • Major: Communications
    • Home Town: Bandung, Indonesia
    • Hobbies: If I'm not reading romance novels or watching Kdramas, I'd be exploring new restos and exciting places
    • Goals at De Anza: To develop my intellect and character, along with building long-lasting friendships!
    • Why I Joined DASG: Students need representatives who truly understand them inside out, and as Chair of MnC, I wish to be that person they can rely on. I also want to broaden my experience and viewpoint beyond schoolwork... not only gaining new skills, but also strengthening what I already have.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Marketing & Communications
    • Contact: dasgmarketing@fhda.edu
    Jessica Lukius

    Amrit Kaur Gill | She/Her/Hers
    Chair of Equity & Diversity

    • Major: Political Science
    • Home Town: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: Some of my hobbies are reading (collecting 👀) books, staring into the ocean, trying new foods and coffee places, looking at local arts and visiting museums.
    • Goals at De Anza: My goals at De Anza are to create a safe, inclusive and equitable campus where anyone can receive the education and tools they need to reach their goals.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG because I wanted to set the foundation of change for future students and keep past students' work going. It's important that every space we enter, we leave better then we found it
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Student Services & Feedback, Equity & Diversity
    • Contact: dasgequitydiversity@fhda.edu
    Amrit Kaur Gill

    Michelle Chang | She/Her/Hers
    Chair of Programs & Events

    • Major: Data Science
    • Home Town: Taipei, Taiwan
    • Hobbies: I really like traveling and watching Netflix.
    • Goals at De Anza: My main goal at De Anza is to determine what subject I'm interested in studying.
    • Why I Joined DASG: Everything has been virtual since I began my studies at De Anza, making it difficult for me to participate in school events and meet new people. And I believe the simplest way for me to become more involved at De Anza College is to join the student government and enhance my college experience. Which I choose to engage in Programs and Events in order to provide unique and unforgettable experiences for others!
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Programs & Events
    • Contact: dasgprogramsevents@fhda.edu
    Michelle Chang

    Zain Mustafa | He/Him/His
    Chair of Environmental Sustainability

    • Major: Computer Science
    • Home Town: San Jose. CA
    • Hobbies: In my spare time I like to go hiking or to the beach. I also love cooking and reading.
    • Goals at De Anza: At De Anza I am aiming to learn, grow and build relationships.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG to make a meaningful change. I am passionate about conserving our environment and leaving the world in a better state than we found it in.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Environmental Sustainability
    • Contact: dasges@fhda.edu
    Zain Mustafa

    Mohammad Khan | He/Him/His
    Chair of Legislative Affairs

    • Major: Philosophy
    • Home Town: Fremont, CA
    • Hobbies: visiting local taquerias, acting in local productions, and reading Russian literature.
    • Goals at De Anza: My goals at De Anza are to engage with the student community and fully represent it in my respective capacity. I also intend on engaging the college's theatrical productions, cultivating philosophical debate, and discussion on campus.
    • Why I Joined DASG: It's an exciting leadership opportunity where I will be working with a diverse array of dedicated and intelligent students tackling many of the issues we encounter on campus.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Legislative Affairs, Flea Market
    • Contact: dasglegislativeaffairs@fhda.edu
    Mohammad Khan

    Abigail Ruihan Sun | She/Her/Hers
    Chair of Flea Market

    • Major: Business Economics
    • Home Town: Hangzhou, China
    • Hobbies: Beach sports, watching movies, listening & making music, reading and hiking
    • Goals at De Anza: Transfer to a four year college :)
    • Why I Joined DASG: At first, I wanted to challenge myself and learn leadership from the group of outstanding students in DASG and do professional work together. Then, after attending DASG meetings, I realized the impact it made, including bringing positive changes to the community and making it a better place. Therefore, I was so touched and inspired because It matches the intention I always have to help the community accomplish in DASG.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Flea Market
    • Contact: dasgfleamarket@fhda.edu
    Abigail Ruihan Sun

    Khanh Ngo | She/Her/Hers
    Chair of Inter Club Council (ICC)

    • Major: Biochemical Engineering
    • Home Town: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    • Hobbies: doing arts, making new friends, going to social events/concerts
    • Goals at De Anza: Making new friends and figuring out what I want to study in
    • Why I Joined DASG: I want to help form an inclusive community and create more opportunities for students. I wish to make my experience at De Anza as memorable as possible!
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Inter Club Council
    • Contact: iccchairperson@fhda.edu
    Khanh Ngo

    Pierce Tao | He/Him/His
    Student Trustee

    • Major: Business Economics
    • Home Town: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: Hiking, singing, skateboarding.
    • Goals at De Anza: To become more involved on campus, and have a meaningful first part of my college journey.
    • Why I Joined DASG: Create chances to nurture a community environment between students and Senate. Tackle housing equity and ways of making affordable housing resources more accessible. Foster good relationships on a district and nationwide level.
    • Committees Serving: Executive Advisory, Legislative Affairs, Equity & Diversity
    • Contact: dastudenttrustee@fhda.edu
    Pierce Tao

  • Senators

    Edith Chan | She/Her/Hers

    • Major: Mathematics
    • Home Town: Hong Kong
    • Hobbies: Photography, traveling, and making music
    • Goals at De Anza: Explore different interests by taking a variety of classes, build long-lasting connections, and transfer to a 4-year university
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG to provide students with the resources and opportunities for a fulfilling educational experience. Through responding to students' concerns, elevating the voice of students, and looking for ways to build quality interactions regardless of the pandemic, I strive to create a community where everyone feels like they belong.
    • Committees Serving: Marketing & Communications
    • Contact: edithylchan@gmail.com
    Edith Chan

    Francis Chan | He/Him/His

    • Major: Data Science
    • Home Town: Ipoh, Malaysia
    • Hobbies: Playing sports, listening to music
    • Goals at De Anza: Make new friends, and transfer to a university.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG to improve students' college lives, and assist with student concerns using available resources. Being a student representative gives me an opportunity to meet different people and advocate for their issues.
    • Committees Serving: Environmental Sustainability, Elections
    • Contact: francischanziheng@student.deanza.edu
    Francis Chan

    Morris Chang | He/Him/His/his

    • Major: Cognitive Science
    • Home Town: Taiwan
    • Hobbies: I enjoy playing different kinds of sports, especially basketball. I also enjoy playing instruments like piano and violin.
    • Goals at De Anza: My goal at De Anza College is to transfer to a UC university.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I decided to join DASG because I want to meet and work with other students to help improve the students' college experience. In addition, it allows me to foster leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.
    • Committees Serving: Student Services & Feedback, Environmental Sustainability
    • Contact: changmorris@student.deanza.edu
    Morris Chang

    Hank Chen | He/Him/His

    • Major: Data Science
    • Home Town: Taipei, Taiwan
    • Hobbies: Play basketball, swimming, play the guitar
    • Goals at De Anza: My goal is to know more people from all over the world, participate in school activities, clubs and volunteer programs to enrich my experience and strengthen my ability to eventually transfer to the school I want to attend.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I wanted to join DASG because it gives me the opportunity to foster skills like leadership, communication, and organization. I want to work with my local community to provide more student benefits, such as financial discounts.
    • Committees Serving: Programs & Events, Flea Market
    • Contact: chenyuhan@student.deanza.edu
    Hank Chen

    Javier Gomez Tagle | He/Him/His

    • Major: Computer Science
    • Home Town: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: Orchestral music, cello performance, long-distance running, weightlifting
    • Goals at De Anza: To develop lasting friendships, and to promote leadership and inclusiveness in De Anza’s community.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I am always passionate to help others. As an affiliate of DASG, I am devoted to serving the needs of students and developing a sense of togetherness at our school.
    • Committees Serving: Finance, Legislative Affairs
    • Contact: gomeztaglevillarrealjavier@student.deanza.edu
     Javier Gomez Tagle

    Miriam Kan | She/Her/Hers

    • Major: Biology
    • Home Town: Hong Kong
    • Hobbies: Playing drums and piano, taking photos, singing, dancing.
    • Goals at De Anza: To transfer to a 4-year university. Build strong connections and meaningful relationships in college.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG because I would like to improve students'experiences at De Anza, and build a supportive community on campus. Joining senate is also a great opportunity to get involved and work with other students.
    • Committees Serving: Student Services & Feedback, Programs & Events
    • Contact: miriamkan2014@gmail.com
    Miriam Kan

    Katelyn Khieu | She/Her/Hers

    • Major: Cognitive Science
    • Home Town: Granite Bay, California
    • Hobbies: I like to build things both physically and with CAD! One day I’ll make an epoxy table.
    • Goals at De Anza: My goal at De Anza is to build a supportive community to foster growth and connection.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG because I love the De Anza community and want to help wherever I can. Whether it is working to improve campus resources, advocating for more inclusive policies, or simply building a stronger sense of community, I am eager to do my part to make our school an even better place.
    • Committees Serving: Marketing
    • Contact: katelyn.khieu@gmail.com
     Katelyn Khieu

    Wei Quan Lai | He/Him/His

    • Major: Computer Science
    • Home Town: Penang, Malaysia
    • Hobbies: Piano, coding, badminton
    • Goals at De Anza: To transfer to a UC
    • Why I Joined DASG: I want to ensure that all students at De Anza are provided with the best college experience. As a senator, I will collaborate with my peers and colleagues to provide a conducive platform for students to voice out their concerns. Hence, amplify student voices in order to promote and encourage equity all throughout campus.
    • Committees Serving: Student Services & Feedback
    • Contact: laiweiquan@fhda.edu
    Wei Quan Lai

    Isaac Lim | He/Him/His

    • Major: Data Science
    • Home Town: Cupertino, CA
    • Hobbies: I relish spending quality time with my friends and family doing all sorts of things together, from board games, to outdoor sports, to cooking- group activities are always the best!
    • Goals at De Anza: I wish to complete my course requirements and transfer to a 4-year university while improving not only the community around me but also myself personally.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG to make my time here in De Anza more meaningful. I wish to positively impact the college lives of everyone in De Anza's extensive community.
    • Committees Serving: Finance
    • Contact: 95isaaclim@gmail.com
    Isaac Lim

    Soe Ko Lin | He/Him/His

    • Major: Computer Engineering
    • Home Town: Yangon, Myanmar
    • Hobbies: Stargazing (Nothing beats a starry night!)
    • Goals at De Anza: To make friends, help people out and learn more about myself 🙂
    • Why I Joined DASG: I joined DASG in efforts to help students out with everything I can and to also be the voice of undocumented students like myself.
    • Committees Serving: Flea Market, Legislative Affairs
    • Contact: soeko.skkl@gmail.com
     Soe Ko Lin

    Izat Rasyad | He/Him/His

    • Major: Computer Science
    • Home Town: Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Hobbies: Coding and reading
    • Goals at De Anza: To grow as an individual and make new friends. Also, to transfer to a UC.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I want to create a tangible impact on my community while working with other driven and like-minded individuals. I hope that my work as a senator can create a lasting positive impact for my peers and future students.
    • Committees Serving: Finance 
    • Contact: izatr2004@gmail.com
     Izat Rasyad

    Eren Saglam | He/Him/His

    • Major: Computer Science
    • Home Town: Tavsanli, Turkiye
    • Hobbies: listening to music, watching movies and tech documentaries
    • Goals at De Anza: Transfer to a 4-year University and make new friends.
    • Why I Joined DASG: One of the main reasons I joined DASG is to help students with campus life and make sure they are aware of the opportunities that De Anza provides them to grow educationally. Also, I would like to help organize more in-person events.
    • Committees Serving: Finance, Programs & Events
    • Contact: saglameren@student.deanza.edu
    Eren Saglam

    Adrian Sedgwick | He/They

    • Major: Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention
    • Home Town: Spirit Lake, Idaho
    • Hobbies: painting, baking, and gardening
    • Goals at De Anza: to learn as much as I can while making friends
    • Why I Joined DASG: I want to work towards changing campus for the better.
    • Committees Serving: Equity and Diversity
    • Contact: sedgwickadrian@fhda.edu
     Adrian Sedgwick

    Asiya Shaikh | She/Her/Hers

    • Major: Economics
    • Home Town: Cupertino, CA
    • Hobbies: Drinking coffee and boba, biking, reading/writing, spending time with family and friends, Bollywood
    • Goals at De Anza: Help build a better and more active community at De Anza then transfer to a four year university.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I decided to join because I wanted to make an impact during my time at De Anza and I realized the best way I could was through DASG, focusing on resolving issues that directly impact students!
    • Committees Serving: Environmental Sustainability, Programs and Events
    • Contact: asiyashaikh211211@gmail.com
     Asiya Shaikh

    Aditi Sharma | She/Her/Hers

    • Major: Psychology
    • Home Town: New Delhi, India
    • Hobbies: I love reading, dancing, and painting, but I am always open to trying new things.
    • Goals at De Anza: I would like to build meaningful bonds, learn and grow as an individual, and transfer to a 4-year university.
    • Why I Joined DASG: I wanted to be an active member of the community by helping to work towards a more sustainable and equitable environment while ensuring students have access to information about various resources, and that their concerns are heard.
    • Committees Serving: Equity & Diversity
    • Contact: sharmaaditi2@student.deanza.edu
    Aditi Sharma

    Isaac Tsang | He/Him/His

    • Major: Computer Engineering
    • Home Town: Hong Kong
    • Hobbies: Having good food, listening to music, volunteering!
    • Goals at De Anza: I hope to involve myself both in academics and student life, while preparing to transfer to a senior college.
    • Why I Joined DASG: As a communal college, student life is more limited. I hope I can improve other’s experience in De Anza, allowing everyone to take full advantage of the place where we can grow together. Also, I want to represent more student voices and provide students’ feedback and opinions.
    • Committees Serving: Programs and Events, Environmental Sustainability
    • Contact: isaacmiltontsang@gmail.com
     Isaac Tsang

    Lydia Wong | She/Her/Hers/hers

    • Major: Business Administration, Statistics
    • Home Town: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: Volunteering, horseback riding, and drinking boba
    • Goals at De Anza: I want to better prepare myself academically before transferring to a 4-year university, along with getting involved in student activities, and student life!
    • Why I Joined DASG: I hope to actively improve students' experiences. And share and advocate for student voices. I want to ensure students have opportunities to be active on campus, and feel connected and involved at De Anza.
    • Committees Serving: Marketing & Communications, Legislative Affairs
    • Contact: wonglydia@student.deanza.edu
    Lydia Wong

  • Staff

    Shanalene Kurniawan | She/Her/Hers
    DASG Secretary

    • Major: Business Administration
    • Home Town: Tangerang, Indonesia
    • Hobbies: Watching movies, playing badminton, traveling
    • Goals at De Anza: Obtain an AA degree and transfer
    • Why I chose to work at the Office of College Life: The College Life Department's office is the first place I walked into upon my arrival at De Anza. I believe that this department will allow me to serve the community while getting to know a well-diverse group of students.
    • Contact: dasgsecretary@fhda.edu
    Shanalene Kurniawan

    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker | She/Her/Hers
    Faculty Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs Conduct Officer

    • Education: BA American Cultural Studies from Western Washington University, MA Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, Ed.D in Educational Leadership from San Jose State University
    • Hometown: 
    • Hobbies: travel (especially long road trips), cook, nap (if she can fit one in), explore new restaurants, Broadway musicals, and most of all spending time with her family and friends
    • Why I joined De Anza's Office of College Life: 
    • Groups and Committees Advising: Senate, Finance, Environmental Sustainability, Flea Market, Executive Advisory
    • Contact: yibakerhyonchu@fhda.edu
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Dennis Shannakian | He/Him/His
    Operations Specialist & Student Activities Coordinator

    • Education: AA Liberal Arts with a Business and Computer Information Systems Emphasis from De Anza College
    • Hometown: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: reading, watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, playing computer/video games, trying new foods and restaurants, and spending time with family and friends
    • Why I joined De Anza's Office of College Life: To help the students of De Anza College.
    • Groups and Committees Advising: Senate, Finance, Student Services and Feedback, Marketing and Communications, Legislative Affairs, Elections, Executive Advisory
    • Contact: shannakiandennis@fhda.edu
    Dennis Shannakian

    Maritza Arreola | She/Her/Hers
    Leadership Development & Student Activities Coordinator

    • Education: M.Ed. Student Affairs from UCLA; BA Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies from Mills College, transferred from Foothill College
    • Hometown: Mountain View, CA
    • Hobbies: Baking, playing Pokemon Go, getting excited over everyone's dogs, and trying new food spots
    • Why I joined De Anza's Office of College Life: I've had the chance to work in some great college spaces, but I'm excited for this role in strengthening student involvement and development opportunities for community college students. I know from experience that college is really what we make it. Regardless of what one's goals and aimed pathway look like, I know any student can have a meaningful experience here at De Anza by getting involved.
    • Groups and Committees Advising: Inter Club Council (ICC), Marketing and Communications, Equity and Diversity, Programs and Events
    • Contact: arreolamaritza@fhda.edu
    Maritza Arreola

    Dayna Swanson | She/Her/Hers
    Flea Market & Special Events Coordinator

    • Education: BA Hotel & Restaurant Management from Cal Poly Pomona
    • Hometown: San Jose, CA
    • Hobbies: My passion is traveling with friends and family, hiking, laying on a sunny beach with a book, eating popcorn at the movies, scuba diving and wine tasting. I can't pass up family time around the table talking, eating, and playing cards. I hope to conquer my fear to sky dive and parasail - maybe one day soon.
    • Why I joined De Anza's Office of College Life: To surround myself with the enthusiasm of college students - so eager to learn, and to share their knowledge and ideas with me and for me to have the opportunity to share my work experience in the event industry with them, makes for a perfect day. The Office of College Life is made up of professional staff members and students all contributing to the education and sucess of all students, and to my personal and professional growth as well. As the Flea Market Coordinator and with the help of my student assistants, I have the opportunity of developing the market that helps financially support the students with the resources to participate in clubs, school government, and conferences developing leadership and skill sets that will move them to the next stage in their lives.
    • Committees Advising: Flea Market
    • Contact: swansondayna@fhda.edu
    Dayna Swanson

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