We are creating and archiving a collection of formal oral histories and informal interviews, as well as student work that relates to the history of our valley. These include conversations with

Included are some of the reasons for and plans for these interviews and documents:

  • Show pride in student success that stems from understanding the process of interviewing and documentation as proto-historians.
  • Allow students the opportunity to appreciate history by interviewing those who lived that history.
  • Provide a research base of the narrator’s story of this valley that can be used by future students and researchers.
  • Bring accessible, technological tools into the educational process to actively engage students.
  • Use audio and visual tools to record the histories of people and place in our valley whether as the Silicon Valley or Valley of Heart’s Delight.
  • Be of service to our community through this documentation by connecting our work to that of the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action in addition to connecting students with elders’ and their unique stories.
  • Offer a collage of our valley through the experiences or people who live here (and not in a textbook) and through stories and documents of the valley itself.

We welcome you to come take a class or a workshop, to become part of this important process of documenting what has happened in these water sheds that make our flat South San Francisco Bay plain, our valley, and what has been done by the globally diverse people who have live here.

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