APASA Scholarships

For 2021, the Scholarship Committee is awarding a total of 4 scholarships for the outstanding contributions and accomplishments of the students below.

2021 Shirley Kawazoe Memorial Scholarship Recipient 

Saskia Latievarya
2021 Shirley Kawazoe Memorial APASA Scholarship Recipient

Major: Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Education Goal: Transfer to UCLA, University California, San Diego, New York University or University California, Berkeley in Fall 2022

Biography: Saskia is a first-year student born in Ohio and raised by Indonesian parents, primarily in Indonesia. Throughout her life, she moved to schools with various socio-economic classes and countries more than ten times, making her question the meaning of racial and gender identities in different cultures. She is currently starting to live financially independent, so the scholarship will help her finance college.

Saskia plans on transferring for a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Cognitive Science to learn about the western ideas in power, uplift the thoughts of minority groups, and explore the way humans think, specifically in an education setting.

In Saskia's Own Words:

“From the education made possible by this scholarship, I want to continue the fight for educational justice and representation of Asians of oppressed genders in Science, Math, and Technology (STEM) and other fields.”

2021 Shirley Kawazoe Memorial Scholarship Recipient 

Katelyn Pan
2021 Shirley Kawazoe Memorial APASA Scholarship Recipient

Major: Business

Educational Plan: Transfer to University California, Berkeley in Fall 2021

Biography: Katelyn is a current business administration major at De Anza who has committed to transfer to Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. She currently serves as the De Anza Student Government (DASG) President and intern in Finance at 23andMe.

In Katelyn's Own Words:

“I am immensely grateful for this scholarship as I will use it towards covering the cost of my courses in college. As I continue in my academic and career journey, representing AAPI interests will continue to stay at the forefront of my efforts - I’m proud to speak up for our diverse community and transferring with this scholarship strengthens my means to do so!”

2021 Susanne Chan Scholarship Recipient

Mindy Phan

Major: Communications2021 Susanne Chan APASA Scholarship Recipient

Educational Plan: Transfer to University California, Irvine or UCLA in Fall 2021

Biography: Mindy is a second year Communications major at De Anza College and she plans to transfer to UC Irvine or UCLA this Fall 2021. This scholarship means everything to her because culture and community are the very two things that defines her identity and are the motivation behind everything she does. From attending Gia Đình Phật Tử (Vietnamese Buddhist Temple Youth Group) as a child to being on Executive Board for the United Vietnamese Student Associations of Northern California, Mindy have always prioritized giving back to her community and enhancing a sustainable foundation for the Vietnamese youth to not lose root of our culture.

 In Mindy's Own Words:

“The APASA scholarship to me is not only a reward for the years of hard work that went into my cultural and academic journey but a reassurance that I was able to give back to my community in the ways I wanted to and will always continue to do.”

2021 Susanne Chan Scholarship Recipient

Tran Ho
2021 Susanne Chan APASA Scholarship Recipient

Major: Political Science

Educational Goal: Transfer to University California, Davis or University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2022

Biography: Tran is a first year De Anza College student. Her major is political science and she plans to continue her education goal by attending law school to pursue her dream of becoming a civil rights attorney. She will be applying to UC Davis and UC Berkeley to transfer in Fa11 2022. This scholarship has helped Tran to continue to attend De Anza and help further her education.

In Tran's Own Words:

“My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support from scholarship sponsors like the Susanne Chan Scholarship. I will always continue to show my love and support towards the AAPI community.”
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