Stacey Shears, Dean
Disability Support Programs and Services
(408) 864-8954

Location: DSPS Division Offices - AT 209

Marilyn Booye, Supervisor
Disability Support Programs and Services
(408) 864-8407

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA/504) Officer:

Michele LeBleu-Burns, Dean
Student Development & EOPS
ADA/504 Officer
(408) 864-8218

Location: Campus Center - lower level - room 165

For general information about a specific program or service:

Disability Support Services (DSS)
Location: RSS 141
Patricia Whelan, Senior Secretary
(408) 864-8753

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Location: LCW 110
Rosemary Jensen
Phone: (V) (408) 565-8516
VideoPhone (VP) (408) 864-5650
Fax: (408) 864-5650

Learning Disabilities Support
Locations: LD Specialists (RSS 141) - LD Tutorial Lab (LCW 110)
Kim Fukuyama, Senior Secretary
(408) 864-8838

Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL)
Location: AT 203
Shri Lakshmanan, Instructor, CAL
Phone: (408) 864-5817

Adapted Physical Education (APE)
Locations: PE 13 and Pool
Michael Fosnaug, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (408) 864-8885

De Anza HOPE Programs
Monica Sheirich, instructor
(408) 282-0427

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Adapted Physical Education
Disability Support Services
Learning Disability Support Team

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