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 Graduation Poet
Sara Robertson
The last two years have been a time of disruption, upset and even exhaustion for many. But Sara Robertson, De Anza’s first-ever student Graduation Poet, is optimistic about the future.
“After all that we have been through, I think that it’s important to hold onto hope,”
said Sara, 20, who is graduating this year with degrees in Liberal Arts and English. “I truly believe in my generation so much,” she added. “I think that we are going to create some real change for the good.”
Sara’s entry was selected from a number of pieces submitted by De Anza students. It will be published on the college website after the online graduation event.
Sara said she has enjoyed writing since she was a teen, although there was a time when she “kind of grew out of it.” Her interest returned when she came to De Anza in fall 2019. She took a creative writing class from English instructor Ken Weisner and began helping with Red Wheelbarrow, De Anza’s literary magazine.
Before the pandemic, Sara enjoyed attending spoken word performances and open mic nights. She draws inspiration from Amanda Gorman, the young poet who read an original work for President Biden’s inauguration. When she isn’t studying or working part-time at a local garden center, Sara said she meets every few weeks on Zoom with her friend and fellow graduating student, Kim Johnson, to read their work and give each other feedback.
This fall, Sara will be attending the University of California, Berkeley, where she plans to major in English. After that, she may pursue a master’s in creative writing, a teaching credential, or both.
“I’m going to be really sad to leave De Anza,” she said. “It was such a good experience. I’m tremendously grateful for all that I’ve learned here.”
Photo: Stevie Salcido

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