Heritage Month Calendar

The Heritage Month Calendar is a living document and a work in progress seeking to raise awareness about the accomplisments, triumphs, innovations, histories, and traditions of historically marginalized cultural groups.

If you notice a heritage month without a group/club/contact person - consider starting a club! If you are interested in getting more information on starting a De Anza club, feel free to look through the How to Start a New Club Guide or check out a  video from the Inter Club Council on How to Start a New Club.

 Heritage Month Calendar 20222023

September (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) — Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month

  • Group/Club/Office Contact: De Anza Latinx Association (DALA)
  • Supports Needed: Promotion

October — Filipino American History Month & LGBTQ+ History Month

Filipino American History Month

  • Group/Club/Office Contact: De Anza Pilipino Unity Student Organization (PUSO)
  • Supports Needed:  Promotion 

LGBTQ+ History Month

  • Supports Needed:  Promotion

November — Native American Heritage Month & Sikh  Awareness and Appreciation Month

Native American Heritage Month

  • Supports Needed: Promotion | Group/Club/Office/Department leadership needed

Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month

  • Supports Needed: Promotion | Group/Club/Office/Department leadership needed | LibGuide needed

February — Black History Month

Black History Month

  • Group/Club/Office Contact: De Anza Black, Faculty, Staff and Administrators (BFSA)
  • Supports Needed: Promotion

March — Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

  • Group/Club/Office Contact: De Anza Women, Gender, and Sexuality Center (WGSC/JMRR)
  • Supports Needed: Promotion

April — Arab American Heritage Month

Arab American Heritage Month

  • Supports Needed: Promotion | Group/Club/Office/Department leadership needed | LibGuide needed

May — Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month & Jewish American Heritage Month

Asian American and  Pacific Islander Heritage Month

  • Group/Club/Office Contact: De Anza Asian Pacific American Staff Association (APASA)
  • Supports Needed: Promotion

Jewish American Heritage Month

  • Supports Needed: Promotion

June — LGBTQ+ Pride Month & Immigrant Heritage Month

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

  • Supports Needed: Promotion

Immigrant Heritage Month

  • Group/Club/Office Contact: HEFAS
  • Supports Needed: Promotion | Group/Club/Office/Department leadership needed | LibGuide needed

Got Questions?

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