Classes I Teach

Fall 2022

25843KNES 22DX02ZFlow Yoga
25842KNES 22EX01ZYoga/Pilates Combo
23522KNES 39AX01ZVolleyball Level 1
24674KNES 39BX01ZVolleyball Level 2
26811KNES 4763ZIntroduction to Women in Sports
26599PE 42W01Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball
26759PE 42W02Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball

Summer 2022

13199KNES 4764ZIntroduction to Women in Sports
13329KNES 4765ZIntroduction to Women in Sports
13327PE 32LX01Volleyball Techniques
12116PE 42WX01Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball
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