We Are Back For Summer!

Finally, students will be able to attend most classes on campus!  Registration starts May 16, 2021 - Classes include SMOG, Air Conditioning, Body Electrical, and Introductory Lec & Lab.  All summer classes are available as "for credit" or for free as "noncredit" classes

Summer schedule is here!

Spring 2021 

All classes listed below will be online only for spring quarter and are also available tuition-free as noncredit.  Yes, FREE!  (Example: Auto 62B = Auto 362B)

The first two classes begin the week of May 17, 2021 and have seats available.

  • Automotive Fuel Injection, Auto 60E - What fuel has to go through to get into an engine 
  • Intro to Auto Principles - Lecture, Auto 50A - Everything underhood!
  • Applied Auto Principles - Lab, Auto 50B - Shop operations
  • Intro to Auto Principles (Chassis) - Lecture, Auto 51A - Everything undercar!
  • Applied Auto Principles (Chassis) - Lab, Auto 51B  Shop operations
  • Automotive MechanismsAuto 53A - Investigate how mechanical things work. Pulleys, levers, gears, fluid dynamics
  • Automotive Electricity, Auto 60Electrical foundation. Ohm's Law, magnetism, lighting circuits, electrical circuit diagnosis 
  • Ignition Analysis & Oscilloscope Diagnosis, Auto 60D - An inside look at testing components. What makes a spark plug fire at the right time?  Lots of cool waveforms to help diagnose faults
  • Advanced Wheel Alignment & ADAS, Auto 62B - A detailed look at suspension set-up and driver assistance systems 
  • Manual Drive Train, Auto 63ASpeed shifting with Rick!

 NEW ! Check out our full line of FREE noncredit courses

All Introductory and Evening Classes Are Now Available as Noncredit Classes (Tuition-Free)

Benefits include:

  • Pathways for students who have never attended college
  • Great way to "try out" an online class without the cost of tuition
  • Great way to get started with a new hobby
  • Earn noncredit certificates

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Introductory Classes

We have classes to help you explore the world of auto tech and prepare for entry  into the full-time program. No prior instruction or work experience is required.

Daytime Program

We offer certificates and degrees in three major subject areas for full-time students. 

Evening Program

We offer certificates and degrees in four major subject areas for evening students, including apprentices and technicians.

Hybrids and Plug-In Vehicles

We offer evening classes and the chance to work hands-on with a variety of hybrid and plug-in vehicles from Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

Smog Inspector or Technician


We have courses to help you qualify as a smog inspector or technician.

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Summer 2021

  • Summer Schedule

Auto Tech Department

Location: Building E1 

Dave Capitolo,

Department Chair

  • 408.864.8312
  • capitolodave@deanza.edu


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