CSU ADT Verification: Questions and Answers

  • What is an ADT-verification?

  • How do I get my ADT status verified?

  • What is e-Verify?

  • Can I get my ADT status verified if I did not report my plan to receive the ADT when I applied to CSU?

  • Can I get my ADT status verified if I missed the verification deadline?

  • What should I do if I am not able to receive the ADT as reported to CSU?  

  • Could my CSU admissions offer be rescinded if I reported I was getting the ADT but ended up not completing the requirements?

  • I reported I would be transferring with the ADT but I received a CSU admissions offer before the ADT verification deadline.  Do I still need to complete the ADT? Do I need to have my ADT status verified?

  • How do I check to see if the CSU campus I applied to accepts my ADT?

  • Can I request to have my ADT status verified early?

  • Do I need to have my status verified if I already received the ADT from De Anza?  

  • Do I need to request a second verification after I’m awarded the ADT?  

  • Do I need to have my ADT status verified if I’m not transferring to CSU?  

DISCLAIMER: The final responsibility for successful transfer rests with the student.  The information posted on this website is designed to assist students in obtaining the most accurate transfer-related information possible.  However, this information is subject to change without notice, which may subsequently impact admission to a transfer college or university.

Students are encouraged to meet as early as possible in their academic careers and periodically with a DAC counselor or academic adviser to develop a Student Education Plan and with a transfer college or university admissions representative to confirm their choice of classes.

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