High School Students: Do you want to get ahead? You can take classes at De Anza College while still attending high school!

  • You must be in the 11th or 12th grade to register for De Anza classes.
  • Students may not take ESL, Basic Skills, GUID, SKILS or 200 level (nondegree applicable) courses.
  • Courses need to be vocational, enrichment, or courses unavailable at your high school.
  • Please see prerequisite clearance guidelines before enrolling in a World Language course.

Steps to get started

Apply for admission

First, review our Application Tips webpage. Then, complete the online application for admission.

Submit the high school Permit to Enroll

Download and print a "High School Permit to Enroll" form, which you'll find on the Admissions Office Student Forms webpage. Read it carefully and make sure that you provide all signatures and requested information, including the courses that you are approved to take and the De Anza College student ID number that you will receive when your application for admission is accepted. 

Submit the form by fax, mail or in person to the De Anza Admissions & Records Office. The fax number and mailing address are on the form.

Once your form is received and processed, you will be assigned a registration appointment time. You can check your registration date and get other important information when you log into the MyPortal registration system.

Complete the Placement Process

English and Math

Science Proficiency

  • If you are interested in taking Biology 6A, Biology 40A or Chemistry 1A, please visit the Assessment Center's Science Exam webpage for more information about testing out of lower-level courses.

Register online and pay your fees

Sign on to the MyPortal registration system on your date and time to register, then enroll in the courses you listed on the high school permit form that you submitted.

You will be informed of your fees during the online registration process. Payment may be made online, by mail or in person. For more information, visit our Payment Policies page. Fees are due at the time of registration.

More information

  • You will not be charged any fees if you take fewer than 12 units in a quarter (six in summer). Students enrolled in 12 or more units (six in summer) at either Foothill, De Anza, or the two colleges combined, will be charged all full-time student feesSee our Fees at a Glance webpage.
  • Your records are confidential and protected by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). They are not available to parents without a written release from the student.
  • Your high school might not accept courses that you complete if they were not approved on your permit form. Make sure you get high school approval before enrolling.
  • You will need to request transcripts if you want your grades sent to your high school or need a transcript sent to another college or university. You can request official transcripts  online or use MyPortal to print your unofficial transcript.
  • All courses will appear on your permanent record and must be reported to any other college or university to which you apply.


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